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“Being international executive search consultants, we need to continue to build up our global network, keep abreast of the times and be forward-looking,” said Mark Geary, CEO of Asianet Consultants (HK) Ltd.

Geary’s senior corporate career in the past 30 years gave him wide exposure to international management, including regional human resources (HR) roles for ICI and Inchcape in Europe and Asia. Before coming to Hong Kong in 2000, he worked for InterContinental Hotels as Global Senior Vice President HR, responsible for managing 44,000 staff in 125 hotels across 70 countries.

The growing demand for senior executives in Mainland China in the 2000s led to Geary persuading his friend, who established Asianet Consultants in 1988, to expand the business to the Mainland. It turned out to be the right opportunity for Geary to lead the company into a new arena. At that time, it was not easy for international firms to find senior Mainland Chinese executives with international experience. In 2002, Geary opened an office in Shanghai, and three years later, opened offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. Today, Asianet has a team of 18 staff in Hong Kong, as well as a similar-sized team in Mainland China.

In anticipation of the growing demand for senior Asian executives, Geary founded the International Executive Search Federation (IESF) in 2002 with a group of business leaders to address the need for senior executives around the world. IESF now has 80 offices in 24 countries, enabling Asianet to serve its clients in U.S.A., U.K. and Europe.

“The Chamber has been a great benefit to Asianet in developing a network of contacts, and helping us stay updated about the latest developments in the market,” said Geary.
In June 2017, Asianet launched a Coaching Practice to mentor new senior recruits for clients during their first 90 days. “Senior executives, regardless of their level, are at their most vulnerable time in the first three months, when they have only a vague job description, do not have a network, are not familiar with the internal politics and the company has not provided their precious new asset with a transition programme,” said Geary.

Since 2000, Asianet’s key executive search areas have been in the apparel, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain fields. With Hong Kong being a major regional and global hub for sourcing international expertise, the company has recently expanded its core expertise to cover senior executives in the medical devices, applied materials and digital technology industries.

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