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Global Institute For Tomorrow Ltd

A Brand New Perspective

In a changing world, a Hong Kong based Pan-Asian think-tank seeks to provide companies with an alternative approach to business and to the world, reports guest writer Justin Wong

Interview Date: 2014/08

Hong Kong Tramways Ltd

Ding Ding Serving Hong Kong for 110 Years

One of Hong Kong’s best known and most loved icons, the ding-ding, turned 110 recently and has no plans to slow down

Interview Date: 2014/08

Mercer (Hong Kong) Ltd

Talent Strategy

There is a global talent shortage, but human resource company Mercer is helping companies find, retain and maximize employees’ contribution to their company’s development, by staff writer Jane Mok

Interview Date: 2014/01

Asia Plantation Hong Kong Ltd

The Smell of Money

Hong Kong is a fast-paced, dynamic city, and people here have to be efficient, results oriented and juggle a dozen tasks to keep pace with the rapidly changing business environment. This is also true with investments, but one company is selling investments that require far more patience for nest eggs to grow – trees!

Interview Date: 2013/12

Ahuja Watchbands

Celebrating 40 Years with the Chamber

Gary Ahuja has been an active member of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce for the past 40 years. The Bulletin spoke with him about his business, involvement with HKGCC, and his passion for giving back to the community.

Interview Date: 2013/10


Architecture Stands as a Witness to Time

It is not surprising that most architects prefer designing new buildings to the refurbishment and maintenance of existing ones, but with the region’s architectural development maturing, architects have to think out of the box, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2013/07

Black & Veatch Hong Kong Ltd

Unleashing Creativity

Our shortage of land and increasing population have pushed Hong Kong’s engineers to raise their creativity to a whole new level, writes Fion Chui

Interview Date: 2013/06

International Montessori School, The

Making a Difference

HKGCC helps secure more international school places

Interview Date: 2013/04

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