Good Citizen Award

About the Good Citizen Award

The Good Citizen Award Scheme is an honorable declaration to honor and recognize those Hong Kong citizens who have assisted the Police in crime fighting. Since 1973, the Award presented twice a year, is organized by the Police Public Relations Branch under the full sponsorship of HKGCC, to reward citizens who have contributed their bit for the community. The scheme was set up as part of the first Fight Crime Campaign, funded by generous donations from Chamber members and the community.

Over the years, almost 4,000 citizens have been commended for their bravery in combating crime, making Hong Kong one of the safest places to live in and do business. For that reason, as Hong Kong Citizens and Chamber members, we must continue to safeguard our city through collaborating efforts between the general public, the business community and the Hong Kong Police. Your contribution and support is of utmost importance in keeping this meaningful and eventful tradition for decades to come.


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