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Introduction video: The Overview and Business Values of Design Thinking for Managers

Theme of This Workshop
"As a manager, how to develop innovative business recovery strategies & plans for overcoming tough times of HK?"

Learning-by-Doing Approaches
The objective is to help participants build creative confidence and get ready to start using Design Thinking on projects immediately after the class. Participants will experience the practical and interactive process to learn how to manage the different phases of the Design Thinking methodology.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of the workshop, you will be able to:
• Apply Design Thinking for product improvement, service innovation and business transformations
• Identify the critical stakeholders and work with them to co-create, achieving innovation results
• Discover the unmet, hidden and potential needs of your users and transform them into business opportunities
• Design innovative and iconic products (or services) to resolve your business challenges
• Present your innovation solutions in impactful ways to gain support and the resources for delivery

Programme Rundown
Participants will gain application experience of Design Thinking techniques and tools from the following perspectives:
Part 1: Discover
• Stakeholder Mapping
• Design Research & Empathy Interviews
• Qualitative Data Mapping
Part 2: Define and Develop
• Personal Development
• Customer Journey Mapping
• Challenge Statement Reframing
Part 3: Deliver
• Service Scenario (or User Experience) Design
• Pitching

Design Thinking Model
The Double Diamond model is a popular way of mapping the design process and is based on a research study by the Design Council of the UK. It dissects the process into four phases:

Global Design Thinking Approach
DesignThinkers Academy (DTA) is one of the leading global "design-driven" innovation academies. DTA is represented in 28 countries and has developed over 75,000 Design Thinkers for hundreds of top-notch companies in the world.

Localized Design Thinking Practices
As the sole partner of DTA in HK, InnoEdge can provide a world-class Design Thinking model with localized & industrial practices. We co-create with enterprises to drive transformation and deliver business results, e.g.:
• Passenger growth rate of an airline exceeded the industry average by 7.5%
• Customer retention rate of a bank grew to double digits
• Closing rate of an insurance company in the cold market shot up to 124%
• Revenue of a hotel increased continually for 3 years
• Customer satisfaction rate of a retail chain grew to 30%

Participant bonus pack:
1. Programme Workbook
2. Design Thinking Tool Guide
3. Design Thinking Casebook

After completing the 1-day training programme, participants will be awarded a certificate of Design Thinking Fundamentals programme from DesignThinkers Academy.
To prevent the spread of Covid-19, food and beverages will not be provided during the event and Chamber staff will be conducting temperature checks at the premises. We also kindly ask that all event participants wear a mask when attending the event

Speaker(s) David Chung
Managing Partner, DesignThinkers Academy Hong Kong

David has more than 20 years of experience in innovation management and Design Thinking consulting across different sectors, including public services, travel, retail, beauty and cosmetics, hospitality, and financial services.

He has managed over 30 business transformation projects (from large-scale local-based to regional-based projects) in Hong Kong, China, and Asia, and has conducted over 250 training classes of Design Thinking and business innovation. Moreover, he has published 3 first-ever international publications about Design Thinking applications for Hong Kong enterprises in the world's most recognized management journal and textbook.
Language Cantonese
Date and Time 2020/07/03 09:00 to 18:00
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Kelly Leung
Tel: 2823 1239
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