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Amid the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, there lies a labyrinth of haunted tales. Hungry ghosts? Seaside spirits? There are many interesting stories in Wan Chai as it was one of the earliest settlements that the British developed after they took over Hong Kong in 1841. With its long history, Wan Chai is a fertile ground for ghosts and myth-making.

To give members the opportunity to learn more about the ghost tales and traditional rituals of the area, as well as the recent changes to the Wan Chai landscape, the Chamber's Retail and Tourism Committee and Walk in Hong Kong Tours are jointly organizing a Wan Chai Ghost and Food Tour on 11 October.

Many locals still believe that the universes of deities, humans and ghosts intertwine. The souls of the dead linger and bless their descendants. There are elaborate rituals that local Chinese perform to feed, pacify, entertain or even bribe the ghosts. During the tour, participants will learn about the hidden messages and origins of these practices. Paul Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Walk in Hong Kong Tours will join the tour and share his insights on the local tourism sector. See below for the tentative programme.

Tentative Programme:
14:45   Assemble at Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen's Rd East, Wan Chai
15:00 – 18:00  An experienced guide will lead participants to taste four delicious local treats. Some of them may also be offerings for deities or ghosts!
18:00 Tour ends.

Tour Highlights:
• Learn about World War II and the city's biggest concentration of haunted tales
• Enjoy an urban picnic with soothing tea, buns, fresh-from-the-oven pastries, and a local specialty called "fried ghosts"
• Discover the vast range of Chinese gods catering to all your needs and desires
• Visit businesses that cater to all the ghost-pleasing rituals
•Experience a haunted house, hipster hangouts, the muffled peal of church bells, forgotten temples and more!

The total distance covered is approximately 2.5 km. There is seating arrangement provided at one of the tasting locations. One restroom break was also planned during the tour.

Please check here for details.

Let's discover the hidden ghost stories and delicious food in Wan Chai together!

Language English
Date and Time 2019/10/11 15:00 to 18:00
Venue Wan Chai
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Brian Shum
Tel: 28231220
Fee Members @ HK$150
+$50 for booking offline
Members Only
Notes - Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of payment, on a first come first served basis.
- Booking transfer is allowed for corporate members with advanced notice, walk-ins are normally not accepted.
- The Chamber reserves the right to decline any booking or cancel the event. In such case, a full refund of the participation fee will be issued.
- No refund will be made for last minute cancellations or no-shows. If the booking is cancelled at least 7 days before the event, and in such cases the refund will be subjected to a 10% administration fee, or HK$100 deduction, whichever is higher.
- A $50 handling fee per person will be charged for all offline bookings (e.g. fax, e-mail, post) for all Chamber events. Go online today by downloading our app or registering on the HKGCC website to save the environment and money.
- Priority is given to corporate members. The decision to accept or decline any booking shall be at sole discretion of the Chamber.
- This event is for members only. At most 2 representatives from each member company may attend.
- Participants agree to indemnify the Chamber and the hosting party all liabilities for property damage, physical injury or death in relation to this event. Participants are advised to take their own insurance against all risks.
- Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and shoes (Please do not wear flip flops. For comfort and safety, we would advise against wearing high heels.)
- If the participant is vegetarian or lactose intolerant, requires a gluten-free diet, or has seafood or any food allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please inform the Secretariat in advance on the briefing note's reply slip. Walk in Hong Kong will do their best to work with the eateries to arrange alternate tastings for the participant. Please note that the tour offers many items that are sweet or with carbohydrates, and may not be suitable for diabetics.
-The Chamber and co-organizers will not be responsible for any delay due to weather conditions (eg Typhoon 8 / Black Rainstorm Warning Signal); health and safety, security or any other reason.
-If Amber, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 or above is issued or in force 3 hours before the event (ie 12:00 noon), the event will be cancelled.
- For safety reasons, the Chamber and co-organizers can change the route or event content without prior notice.