Hong Kong National Security Legislation Corner

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2020/05/28New China National Security Law
The National People’s Congress in China has today adopted a resolution paving the way for a new national security law to apply to Hong Kong.
2020/05/27National Security Law for HK | Insight from Grenville Cross: Is it legitimate?
China has proposed a national security law for Hong Kong, which quickly caused great reactions in HK society. What is the legitimacy of this law? Why is it necessary for the city? How to make sure that it will not become a vacant shell?
2020/05/26NPC Decision Aims to Stabilize Hong Kong
A decision concerning the enforcement of national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is on the agenda of the 3rd session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC), which began on May 22.
2020/05/25Statement of Hong Kong Bar Association on proposal of National People’s Congress
The National People’s Congress (NPC) is currently deliberating a draft decision (“Draft Decision”) aimed at authorizing the Standing Committee of the NPC (“NPCSC”) to formulate laws (“HK National Security Law”) to penalise acts of secession, subverting state power, organising and carrying out terrorist activities and other behaviours that seriously endanger national security, as well as activities interfering with the HKSAR's internal affairs by foreign or external forces.
2020/05/23A national security law is coming to Hong Kong. Here's how it has been used to crush dissent in China
Beijing's plan to introduce a hugely controversial national security law in Hong Kong has sparked widespread fears over its potential impact on the city's much cherished freedoms.
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