Hong Kong National Security Legislation Corner

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2020/07/08How Hong Kong’s national security law compares to Macau’s: different reasons, eras for legislation
Macau and Hong Kong, neighbouring cities under China’s special administrative system, have national security laws, but while they serve the same purpose, the enactment of such legislation has had strikingly different consequences in both places.
2020/07/07香港國安法符國際通例 抹黑屬「雙標」
2020/07/03Editorial:Execute the national security law in a restrained manner
THE national security law for Hong Kong has come into effect. Yesterday was the first of July, and streets on Hong Kong Island have turned into a ''battleground'' once again. At least ten people were arrested for allegedly violating the national security law for Hong Kong.
2020/07/03With the national security law in place, Hong Kong’s future is more promising than ever
“The Death of Hong Kong” … “The End of Hong Kong” … “Is Hong Kong Over?” Since the national security law was announced a few weeks ago, headlines in the international news publications I read every day have been looking more like the obituary pages than the financial and economic section.

2020/07/02Hong Kong national security law: how will it affect businesses? Uncertainty over overseas funds, foreign offices
Business chambers in Hong Kong have warned more than a million companies of the dangers of breaching the national security law, with penalties ranging from fines to having funds confiscated.
2020/07/01Hong Kong's security laws usher in new era of Chinese control
Beijing’s new rules appear tailored to cover the actions of protesters and their supporters.
2020/07/01Statement of the Hong Kong Bar Association on the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
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