Hong Kong National Security Legislation Corner

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2020/07/21National security law: Hong Kong government slams ‘double standards’, ‘interference’ as Britain suspends extradition deal
Spokesman says decision to follow Canada and Australia in suspending agreement could create loophole for criminals attempting to evade justice. He says ‘UK will bear the consequences if it insists on going down the wrong road’
2020/07/20聶德權:積極配合香港國安法落實 須加深公務員對國家認識
2020/07/19National security law: top Hong Kong officials slam US sanctions, citing ‘double standards’ and vowing to resist American domination
Cabinet adviser to city leader, chief secretary and finance minister renew criticisms, vowing to stand behind Beijing’s retaliation. Exco member Ronny Tong says foreign jurisdictions have no reason to suspend extradition deals, expressing confidence in city’s judicial independence
香港特別行政區政府今日(七月十五日)發出嚴正聲明,強烈反對美國當局將美國國會通過的所謂香港自治法案(法案)簽署成為美國法律,並對美方以總統行政命令(President's executive order)推出的一連串措施表示極度反感和強烈不滿。
2020/07/14 Paul Chan points to positives from security law stability
The Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po dismissed claims that the national security law will drive away foreign investors, saying there has been a recent influx of foreign capital instead.
2020/07/14Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam says primary election might have violated national security law
An unofficial citywide election conducted by Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp might have violated new national security laws by "subverting state power", said Chief Executive Carrie Lam on July 13, 2020. The previous weekend, Hong Kong’s opposition parties organised a two-day primary election to narrow down their candidates and increase their chances of seizing majority control of the city's 70-seat Legislative Council in upcoming elections in September. A primary election is not part of Hong-Kong's electoral system. The democrats called the outcome a symbolic protest vote against the tough new laws imposed by China, after more than 600,000 people cast their votes in the primary.

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