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Join this workshop to improve your EXECUTIVE PRESENCE!

EXECUTIVE PRESENCE is considered as the key differentiator in the corporate world, especially for those who have already accumulated substantial experience in their roles and industry – to get promoted and recognized, and to make a real impact. It can also be considered as a catalyst that builds influence and motivates people to act in the way the leader wants. It is a balanced combination of personality, expertise, communication, style and appearance.

Nonetheless, Executive Presence is often vaguely defined. Some would refer it as a personal aura, while others think it is the power and confidence required to lead. The good news is – EXECUTIVE PRESENCE CAN BE TRAINED AND LEARNED.

Executive Presence is of even greater importance in challenging times like NOW. Many people, regardless of seniority, may face potential drop in business, downsizing, or salary cut under the impact of COVID-19. Nevertheless, it's also the best time to invest in yourself, your presence, and your personal brand.

This workshop is tailored to provide specific ideas, constructive comments and actionable steps to make a pivotal change on your Executive Presence, so that you can make a greater influence on your people, and at your workplace. It is a workshop helping you transform from good to great.

The workshop is designed to help participants to:
• Form a clear understanding of Executive Presence. Learn the key attributes of successful leaders with natural presence
• Develop a desirable personal brand, and a professional demeanour that projects authority and competence
• Apply the techniques of assertive communication to build trust and command attention, demonstrating leadership capability in both good and bad situations
• Articulate precisely the messages to convey authenticity, approachability and expertise
• Maintain composure, diplomacy and the executive gravitas when dealing with conflicts, objections, crisis or adversity
• Adapt the leadership and management style to engage with staff members in all rankings. Forge a real connection with others with humility and empathy
• Craft a roadmap to manage the reputation and make a long-term influence persuasively and effectively

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, food and beverages will not be provided during the event and Chamber staff will be conducting temperature checks at the premises. We also kindly ask that all event participants wear a mask when attending the event

Who should join this workshop:
• C-suite, 2nd-tier executives, senior managers and high-potential leaders in MNCs and regional companies who want to demonstrate their best self and lead more effectively
• Individuals who feel they have reached the "glass ceiling" in their organizations
• Business owners who want to get more business/buy-in from clients, investors, Board of Directors, staff members and other stakeholders

Speaker(s) Tracy Ho
Founder and Director of Frame & Fame

Personal Branding Coach & Consultant
Professional Trainer on Executive Communication and Influence

Tracy is a reputable personal branding consultant and executive communication coach. She is the founder and director of Frame & Fame, an award-winning personal branding firm based in Hong Kong with presence and experience in Singapore, Korea, Japan and Malaysia.

Tracy specializes in coaching senior executives, corporate managers, business owners and startup entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas with confidence, clarity and authenticity.

In the past 10 years, Tracy coached and trained executives from over 100 MNCs, government bureaus, and regional and local companies, including C-suite of Fortune 500 companies, Top 10 asset managers (by AUM) and prominent global financial institutions. She also has considerable experience working with people at all levels of an organization, supporting them to get the best from their innate talents, become more engaged, and raise their productivity.

Tracy is a certified coach with over 500 coaching hours, using Gallup StrengthsFinder, DiSC®, visual facilitation and other coaching tools. She has recently been awarded as the "Most Recognized Executive Communication Coach" in the Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Business Awards 2020.
Language English
Date and Time 2020/07/02 09:30 to 12:00
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Kelly Leung
Tel: 2823 1239
Fee Members @ HK$750 / Non-Members @ HK$950
+$50 for booking offline
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