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Blockchain, Cryptos, Digital Currencies, Tokens and ICOs – these are buzzwords we are hearing day in and day out. Although people are aware of these terminologies, few of them understand what they are, and their uses and implications to businesses and investors.

The Chamber is therefore pleased to provide the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about what's next for the red-hot crypto market and chill out with fellow members – at the Crypto Marketplace @ Happy Hour!

At this Happy Hour, we have brought together players in the local crypto community including but not limited to venture capitalists, crypto exchange operators, ICO project founders, program developers, hardware providers, wallet sellers, legal advisors and consultants and industry association representatives, all of whom are more than happy to walk you through how our future will look like with the advent of the blockchain technology and cryptos. Industry experts including Aurelien Menant, Founder & CEO of Gatecoin, James Quinn, Head of Markets of Kenetic, Kevin Loo, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of CryptAM and Leonhard Weese, President of Hong Kong Bitcoin Association will be on hand to share with you their insights on the future and exciting developments with this up-and-coming market.

List of Exhibitors:

Your Access to a New Digital Asset Class

Blockchain Data Storage and Monetization

Your Gateway to Decentralized Applications and Crypto Investment

Hong Kong Bitcoin Association
Fostering and Promoting Bitcoin and its Technology in Hong Kong

We Believe Blockchain is about People. Connecting the World through Blockchain

Reinventing the Like. Rewarding Contents by Proof of Creativity

Environmentally-friendly and Cost-effective Hardware Solutions for Cryptocurrency Miners

Asia's Leading Digital Asset Brokerage

Standard Kepler
Connecting You with Blockchain Innovators, Offering Brokerage Services, and Providing Research Insights

From Zero to Legal, Cloud Legal Support for Your Crypto Initiatives

Speaker(s) Aurelien Menant, Founder & CEO of Gatecoin
James Quinn, Head of Markets of Kenetic
Kevin Loo, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of CryptAM
Leonhard Weese, President of Hong Kong Bitcoin Association
Date and Time 2018/11/05 18:00 to 20:00
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Closed to media
Enquiries John Poon
Tel: 28231257
Fee Members @ HK$120 / Non-Members @ HK$140
+$50 for booking offline
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