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Lighting Up the Future
Lighting Up the Future<br/>燃亮未來<br/>

Lighting Up the Future<br/>燃亮未來<br/>

When Towngas was founded in 1862, its role was to provide street lighting only. Much has changed since those days, and the company is also notable for its programmes and philosophy relating to manpower.

During a Chamber visit to the Towngas Headquarters on 11 October, Kit Fan, Head of Corporate Human Resources, walked members through the company’s history, business portfolio and comprehensive talent development scheme.

“We hire for attitude, train for skills,” said Fan, adding that it is the corporate philosophy of Towngas to identify emerging high-potential employees (HIPOs) across the business, from management to technical apprentices, and train them as future leaders. HIPOs with outstanding performance can also participate in the company’s leadership competency programmes, such as the Integrated Leadership Pipeline Scheme, to prepare them to become middle or even senior managers. 

James To, Principal of Towngas Engineering Academy (TEA), introduced the Academy’s mission, professional qualification development and TEA competence model. He also explained the company’s newly launched corporate campaign – Towngas MasterCraft – which aims to upgrade craftsmanship and bolster self-respect among frontline staff. To said that this people-based development system is probably the key to Towngas’ successful talent retention record.

Members also got the opportunity to visit other areas of the company, including the Grid Control Centre and Customer Services Hotline Centre, which both serve Hong Kong citizens around the clock; the Towngas Technical Training Centre, where they were introduced to new training methods that use Virtual Reality as well some more traditional training equipment; and the Towngas Hall of Innovation, which showcases some of the inventions of the company’s master craftsmen.