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Enabling Smarter Shopping
Enabling Smarter Shopping<br/>實現更智慧購物

Enabling Smarter Shopping<br/>實現更智慧購物

Such was the interest in the Chamber’s visit to HKTVmall’s automated warehouse on 27 September that a return visit was scheduled for 11 October. In total, 40 members enjoyed the opportunity of seeing first-hand the company’s approach to mechanising its warehousing and fulfillment systems at its Tsing Yi hub. 

Comprising a robotic picking and conveying set-up from Germany, it is Hong Kong’s largest robotic warehousing system. The first phase came into operation in March this year. 

Jessie Cheng, Associate Director, Corporate Communications Department at Hong Kong Television Network, hosted the visit and gave members a guided tour of the facilities. 

“Shopping habits in Hong Kong are changing as more and more consumers are doing their shopping online,” she said. “Our mission is to build an efficient and reliable ecosystem to transform our business operations – such as trading, retail and payment systems – so that these are all digitally enabled.”

She explained that to fulfill the changing demands of online shopping, retail stores and warehouse operations are evolving. The traditional approach to retail places the onus on the consumer to collect merchandise themselves, whereas today, consumers increasingly expect that goods will be delivered to them directly. 

With its new operation warehousing system in place, HKTVmall is in a good position to improve its sales efficiency while achieving higher order accuracy and customer satisfaction, Cheng said.