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With the rapid development of the internet and social media, crowdfunding activities have emerged internationally and locally over the past few years. Crowdfunding is an umbrella term describing the use of monetary contributions, obtained from a large number of individuals or organisations, to fund a project a business, a company, a loan or a donation, and other needs through an online platform. With this one-day workshop, the trainer will cover the following topics.

Equity crowdfunding (ECF)
Equity crowdfunding (ECF) is a common type of crowdfunding activities where investors usually invest in a project or a business (often a start-up) through an online platform, typically in return for an interest in shares issued by a company.
• How does ECF work?
• Risks associated with ECF
• Risk of bankruptcy of the issuer
• Liquidity risk/lack of secondary market liquidity for the equity investments
• Risk of conducting unlicensed activities
• How is ECF regulated in Hong Kong?
• Disclosure risks
• Risk of collapse, fraud or malpractice by the platform
• Cross-border risk
• Cyber security and Cyber-attacks
• Illegal activities, fraud and money laundering
• Legal issues and consideration for investors

Peer-to-Peer Money Lending
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is a type of micro-financing activities conducted through an online platform, by matching people who have money to invest with people who are looking for a loan. Different forms of P2P lending have emerged, e.g., business lending and consumer (including student) leading.
• How does P2P lending work?
• Risks associated with P2P lending
• Default risk of the borrower
• Credit risk
• Liquidity risk/lack of secondary market liquidity for the loans
• Risk of conducting unlicensed activities
• How is P2P lending regulated in Hong Kong?
• Disclosure risks
• Risk of collapse, fraud or malpractice by the platform
• Cross-border risk
• Cyber security and Cyber-attacks, such as hacking, overloading a platform's infrastructure, confusing accounts, identity theft and/or stealing information including personal data.
• Illegal activities: fraud by parties making offers on the platform, money laundering or other illegal commerce that could lead to regulatory actions including suspension by relevant law enforcement agencies.
• Legal issues and concerns for investors

Speaker(s) Albert So
University Lecturer, Executive Committee Member of International Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong), Accredited Mediator, Accredited Family Mediator, Arbitrator, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Certified Financial Crimes Specialist, Member of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Honorary Legal Advisor of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals ( Long Love Integrated Family Services Centre )

BEng(Hons); LLB(Hons); PCLL(HKU); PGCert(Cambridge); ExeEd(Harvard); MHKIoD; FHKMAAC; FHKIArb; FRAS

Fellow of International Bar Association; Honorary Legal Advisor;
Chairman of Hong Kong Mediation and Arbitration Centre
Language Cantonese
Date and Time 2019/10/17 09:30 to 17:00
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Kelly Leung
Tel: 2823 1239
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