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Located at the heart of ASEAN, Malaysia has in recent years become an attractive investment destination. The State of Selangor, strategically located around the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and home to the administrative capital Putrajaya, has been pivotal to the success of the country and continues to play a leading role in Malaysia's economic development.

Selangor is one of the most developed states in the country with a stable socioeconomic environment and well-developed infrastructure. It has grown into a vibrant commercial centre, harbouring the economic and administration hub of Malaysia. The state's key attributes include a diversified manufacturing base, high concentration of industrial activity, central location to markets, skilled labour force and good access to transport and infrastructure.

In 2019, Selangor registered a GDP growth of 6.7%, higher than the national average of 4.3%, representing 24.2% of the country's economy. It boasts the best infrastructure and connectivity in the country, including rail, highways, world-class seaports and airports. As the most populous state in Malaysia, it is also home to the largest labour force in the country, reaching 3.6 million in 2019. Selangor houses more than 160 institutions of higher learning, producing more than 60,000 graduates per annum.

The state continues to attract investors domestically and abroad. In 2019, Selangor recorded direct investment of US$4 billion in the manufacturing sector, with a total of 351 approved manufacturing projects, an amount that is the highest in the country. Selangor's contribution to the country's economy has won it its reputation as the Golden State of Malaysia and the economic powerhouse of the country.

As Malaysia continues to embark on various mega-infrastructure projects to spur economic development, Selangor is well-positioned to capitalize on investment opportunities. Mega projects such as the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR), East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), West Coast Expressway (WCE) and Klang Valley Double Track (KVDT) will continue to boost Selangor's connectivity and competitiveness as Malaysia's top state.

At this webinar, Dato' Hasan Azhari, CEO of Invest Selangor Berhad, will share with the members the business and investment ecosystem in Selangor, Malaysia and how businesses can leverage on Selangor to grow in the region. Dr Fahmi Ngah, Managing Director of Smart Selangor Delivery Unit, will provide a holistic overview on the Smart City initiatives and potential opportunities for international businesses. Hew Wee Choong, Vice President of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, will share on the digital economy ecosystem and how Malaysia is thriving as the preferred destination among global tech players.

Speakers' presentations at this event are intended for educational purposes only and do not replace independent professional judgment. Statements of fact and opinions expressed during this event are those of the speakers and participants and, unless expressly stated to the contrary, are not the opinion or position of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, its members, or its committees. The Chamber does not endorse or approve, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, accuracy or completeness of the information presented. Attendees should note that, with the approval of speakers, this event may be recorded, and possibly published on the Chamber's website in audio and/or video formats without further notice.

Recording, duplication or distribution of the contents of the online event is prohibited without prior written permission from the Chamber.


The Hon. Dato' Teng Chang Khim is the Selangor State Executive Councillor and Chairman of Standing Committees for Investment, Industry and Commerce, Small and Medium Enterprises. Under his portfolio, Invest Selangor, the state owned Investment Promotion Agency that is responsible for coordination and facilitating investment in the State of Selangor mainly focusing on the five core clusters which are Life Sciences, Food and Beverages, Machinery Equipment, Transport Equipment and Electrical and Electronics. The Hon. Dato' Teng Chang Khim is a lawyer by profession. He has been actively involved in politics since the 90s and has almost 25 years of political experience.

Dato' Hasan Azhari Hj. Idris is the Chief Executive Office of Invest Selangor Berhad. Thus, demonstrates his natural leadership ability. He has a broad range of multidisciplinary skills and experience in invest promotion & industrial development, project coordination , project monitoring, quantitative analysis and business development.

Dr Fahmi Ngah is the Managing Director for the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit which is the Selangor State entity mandated to plan and deliver initiatives under the Smart Selangor Smart State Programme. Dr Fahmi holds a first class honours degree in engineering and a PhD in Aeronautics form Imperial College, London.

Hew Wee Choong is the Vice President for the Investment Development of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation(MDEC). As the VP, he oversees the strategic planning, investment attraction to client management and development. Supporting the local digital services companies to go global. Additionally, Hew looks into matters relating to the industry critical enablers or eco-systems to ensure the continued development of the industry,

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