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Kowloon is one of the Hong Kong districts where the city's mix of traditional and modern can be seen in action. From the fascinating history of the lawless Kowloon Walled City to new shopping malls and bustling fresh markets, the district has a unique appeal to tourists while it continues to facilitate the daily life of its many residents.

Lok Fu Market, for example, one of LINK's signature renovation projects, was given a major overhaul in 2013. Since then it has continued to be a pioneer for the modernizing of the city's fresh markets with facilities like its customer service centre, systematic zoning and e-payments for daily transactions.

The upgrade of the market also symbolizes the transformation of traditional service sector businesses amid a changing environment, and its operating model has been applied to other local markets.

To see the latest developments in Lok Fu Market and also discover the old and new sides of this densely populated area, the Retail & Tourism Committee has teamed up with LINK and Walk in Hong Kong Tours to organize a visit for members on 15 November.

Staff members from LINK will share some of their innovative ideas and successful business strategies in the city's real estate market. Participants will also visit Kowloon Walled City and some of the local public housing estates. Around 30% of the population of Hong Kong lives in public housing.

An expert guide will walk participants through the enormous changes in Kowloon, and also introduce some local snacks along the way. Each tasting comes with a special story about the city's past and the charming local ways of life. Join us for this adventure in Kowloon!

Tentative Programme:

14:45 Assemble at Lok Fu MTR station
15:00 – 18:00 A guide will lead participants to taste the delicious local treats and learn the stories behind them.

Tour Highlights:
- Fresh market adventure: immerse yourself in the bustling Lok Fu Market and visit sellers of food both conventional and much less so: from fresh seafood to live chickens!

- Stroll through the beautifully landscaped Kowloon Walled City Park and hear the fascinating stories that arose out of the near-century-long political and legal vacuum of the Walled City.

- Hear memories from some of the hillside squatters that used to define the area, and see how the mosaic of well-designed public housing shapes unique communities in Hong Kong.

- Public minibus to Wong Tai Sin

- The total distance covered is approximately 3 km. Seats will be provided at some of the tasting locations. There will also be at least two restroom breaks during the tour. (tbc)

Please check here for reference.

18:00 Tour ends at Wong Tai Sin Station

Language English
Date and Time 2019/11/15 15:00 to 18:00
Venue Lok Fu
Media Closed to media
Enquiries Brian Shum
Tel: 28231220
Fee Event Cancelled
Members @ HK$150
+$50 for booking offline
Members Only
Notes - Bookings are only confirmed upon receipt of payment, on a first come first served basis.
- Booking transfer is allowed for corporate members with advanced notice, walk-ins are normally not accepted.
- The Chamber reserves the right to decline any booking or cancel the event. In such case, a full refund of the participation fee will be issued.
- No refund will be made for last minute cancellations or no-shows. If the booking is cancelled at least 7 days before the event, and in such cases the refund will be subjected to a 10% administration fee, or HK$100 deduction, whichever is higher.
- A $50 handling fee per person will be charged for all offline bookings (e.g. fax, e-mail, post) for all Chamber events. Go online today by downloading our app or registering on the HKGCC website to save the environment and money.
- Priority is given to corporate members. The decision to accept or decline any booking shall be at sole discretion of the Chamber.
- This event is for members only. At most 2 representatives from each member company may attend.
- Participants agree to indemnify the Chamber and the hosting party all liabilities for property damage, physical injury or death in relation to this event. Participants are advised to take their own insurance against all risks.
-Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and shoes (Please do not wear flip flops. For comfort and safety, we would advise against wearing high heels.)

- If the participant is vegetarian or lactose intolerant, requires a gluten-free diet, or has seafood or any food allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences, please inform the Secretariat in advance on the briefing note's reply slip. Walk in Hong Kong will do their best to work with the eateries to arrange alternate tastings for the participant. Please note that the tour offers many items that are sweet or with carbohydrates, and may not be suitable for diabetics.
-The Chamber and co-organizers will not be responsible for any delay due to weather conditions (eg Typhoon 8 / Black Rainstorm Warning Signal); health and safety, security or any other reason.
- If Amber, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or Typhoon Warning Signal No.8 or above is issued or in force three hours before the event (ie 12:00 noon), the event will be cancelled.
-For safety reasons, the Chamber and co-organizers can change the route or event content without prior notice.