在競爭法的立法過程中,如何保障中小企一直是主要課題。2010 年中推出《競爭條例草案》至今,經過多次會議討論和審議,仍未完全解決的,依然是涉及中小企的問題。
《競爭條例草案》最終能否通過,很大程度上將視乎政府能否釋除中小企業的疑慮。支持競爭法的理據之一,是認為競爭法可確保市場有充分競爭,特別是保障中小企。但現在香港的中小企最反對立法,是否代表草案有問題?或是香港的情況特殊?這些問題, 值得政府和支持條例草案的人士深思。
2011/03/24保障中小企 競爭法必須清晰
2011/03/17Fair warning
In light of a near stalemate in the legislature over the proposed Competition Bill, the government has stepped up its efforts to promote it. But the support of officials and academics for the bill as it is currently drafted ignores the real issue, which is not about whether Hong Kong should have a competition law, but what kind of competition law.
2010/12/07Law needs to spell out anti-competitive actions
As legislators start scrutinising the competition bill, the fundamental questions of what kind of competition regime Hong Kong wants, and needs, have been raised once again. Until the bill was presented to the Legislative Council, many had been led to believe that it would be about weeding out hard-core anti-competitive behaviour, such as price-fixing, bid-rigging and market-sharing.
2009/03/06Care and time needed for competition law
The government's announcement last week to delay the competition bill is the right move. It will give officials time to focus on the important and substantial technical, legal and policy matters that have to be addressed as soon as possible. Clarity is needed. The operations of businesses and markets are complex. This is the first time many businesses in Hong Kong will be operating under the provisions of a fair-competition law, and getting it right needs to be a priority.
2008/12/11One step at a time
Getting a competition law right is more important than rushing legislation through, writes Alex Fong - Too many unresolved issues and flaws will undermine the effectiveness of a competition law if the government proceeds with its plans to rush ahead, introducing a bill in the current legislative session. More thorough consideration is needed before proceeding further. This should not be a race.
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