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Hiking the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
Hiking the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail <br/>遊走元荃古道

Before modern means of transport, the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail was a crucial connecting route between Yuen Long and Tsuen Wan. Today, it serves a different purpose, as a popular hiking trail that offers stunning views across to Tsing Yi and beyond. 

Jennifer Chan, Chairman of the Women Executives Club, led a group of YEC and WEC members and some of their friends and family on a hike along part of the trail, from Tsuen Wan to Sham Tseng, on 26 January.

The route is moderately challenging, and the hikers were rewarded for their efforts with the beautiful scenery and the chance to catch up with friends on a sunny Saturday morning. Having worked up an appetite, they then enjoyed a well-earned lunch of Sham Tseng’s famous roast goose and other delicious Cantonese dishes.