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Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure<br/>安全可靠<br/>

Guardforce is no stranger to those living in Hong Kong due to the familiar sight of its armoured cars travelling up and down our streets. However, the company also provides a suite of services that extend beyond the secure transportation of cash and valuables. 

Since its establishment in 1977, Guardforce has expanded its spectrum of services from traditional cash management and guarding solutions to technology-based services such as electronic security, robotic patrols and cybersecurity. 

To obtain a better understanding of the operations at Guardforce, a delegation of around 20 Chamber members went behind the scenes at the company’s Hung Hom facilities on 24 January. Thomas Ng, Managing Director of Guardforce, was on hand to explain key back-end processes and daily cash-in-transit procedures. 

During the tour, members learned about the company’s innovative products, such as a smart bin embedded with sensors for waste management and a security patrol robot that helps with workforce optimisation. 

Guardforce has also developed a facial recognition application to provide “anti-wandering” solutions to minimize incidents of vulnerable senior residents leaving elderly homes unaccompanied. The technology was recognized in the 2017 Hong Kong Awards for Industries and awarded the Innovation and Creativity Certificate of Merit. 

During the visit, Guardforce demonstrated to members the flexibility that Hong Kong companies are renowned for in responding to evolving market demands, helping them maintain an edge in providing value-added services to customers.