Good Citizen Award: Working Together for a Safer and Brighter Future

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The Good Citizen Award promotes the message that crime and injustice should not be tolerated. For the past 40 years, the Chamber has been the sole sponsor of the Good Citizen Award Fund, which recognizes the actions of good citizens who have helped the Police prevent or solve a crime by presenting them with a cash reward. Their actions have contributed towards making Hong Kong one of the safest cities in the world.

To mark the 40thanniversaryof the award, this year the Chamber has decided to increase the cash reward, whichhas remained constant for many years.  Attending the Good Citizen Award Presentation Ceremony today, Chamber Chairman C K Chow said, “Saving someone’s life or preventing a tragedy is of course priceless.  We believe all awardees acted as they did,because they felt it was the right thing to do, and the awardprobablynever even crossed their minds. They are exemplary citizens, and I am very proud of them for showing courage and also the achievementsthey have made.”

Since its inception in 1973, this meaningful scheme has commended close to 4,000 members of the public at Good Citizen Award presentation ceremonies.  As part of the 40thanniversarycelebrations, the Chamber has also decided to present a “Heart of Gold Award” to three past winners.  They are Paul Chan, who received a Good Citizen Award twice for his bravery; Michael Cheung, who at the age of 10 stopped young arsonists; and Li Man-chuen, who at the age of 84 helped the Police solve a fraud case.

Following the ceremony, Chamber CEO Shirley Yuen said, “Fighting crime is the responsibility of all citizens, regardless of age.  As long as you are willing to help someone in need, you can contribute towards building a safe, stable and prosperous Hong Kong.  We hope this special award can highlight that there is no age limit to fighting crime.”

Hong Kong’s overall crime rate last year hit a 10-year low.  In addition to the dedication of the Police Force, the brave actions of awardeesand generous donations from our members, the sense of justice among the general public has also contributed a great dealtowardsmaking Hong Kong a safe and law-abiding city. The Chamber has published a Good Citizen Award Commemorative Booklet to recognize these unsung heroes throughout the years.

The Chamber will continue to support the award and encourage the public to do the right thing by promoting the message:“Fight Crime Together: Safer Home, Better Future.” We will, as in past years, continue to contribute to the community, and work closely with our members, the public and the Police to make sure Hong Kong remains a safe, international metropolis in which to live and do business.


Photo captions:

Photo 1:Chamber CEO Shirley Yuen commends Ms Chiu Shui-sheung, the 91-year-old GCA winner, who helped foil a telephone scam.

Photo 2:Chamber Chairman C K Chow and CEO Shirley Yuen pose for a group photo with the three winners of the “Heart of Gold Award:” (L-R) Paul Chan, Michael Cheung and Li Man-chuen.

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