Submissions and Reports

As the premier business organization of Hong Kong, the Chamber is a leader in promoting business interests and integrity. These policy statements and Code of Ethics represent what the Chamber stands for in the respective areas.

They are approved by the Chamber’s General Committee and we urge all of our members to observe these statements and to incorporate the principles stated in the statements into their business practices as much as possible.

2016/03/17Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central and Its Adjacent Areas
The Chamber agrees that the Government should explore the notion of electronic road pricing (“ERP”) as a tool to control traffic but also feels that attention should be devoted to other issues that contribute to the chronic problem of traffic congestion in the Central District as ERP alone is not enough as to provide relief.
2016/01/28Consultation Paper: Third Party Funding for Arbitration
The Chamber has not formed a conclusion on the proposal to introduce Third Party Funding for Arbitration in Hong Kong but have set out views by members for consideration by the Law Reform Commission on the issue.
2016/01/28Legislative Proposals on Regulation of Edible Fats and Oils and Recycling of “Waste Cooking Oils”
The Chamber supports the protection and promotion of public health as it is important to Hong Kong’s sustainable development. We believe that an effective regime will not be achieved by over-regulation, but rather, there should be a combination of sensible regulation, business-friendly compliance and effective public education.

2016/01/18Consultation paper on the Arbitration (Amendment) Bill 2016
The Chamber responded to a consultation paper on the arbitrability of IPRs by highlighting certain aspects of the proposals that warranted government’s attention.
2015/12/17Submission to the Bills Committee on Patents (Amendment) Bill 2015
The Chamber does not oppose the Government’s intent to reform the Patents Bill but is concerned about the lack of concrete evidence as to the advantages arising from the proposed legislative changes.
2015/12/04Business Impact Assessment on the Proposed Implementation of Section 33 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
The Chamber has expressed concerns about the Proposed Implementation of Section 33 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and urged the Government to give these its serious consideration.
2015/12/032016-17 Policy Address cum Budget Submission
2015/10/29HKGCC Code of Conduct under the Competition Ordinance
To prepare for the Competition Ordinance coming into effect on 14 December, the Chamber has compiled a Code of Conduct to help members comply with the law. Businesses should review their agreements, policies and practices to ensure they do not fall foul of the Ordinance.
2015/10/23Competition Commission consultation on Draft Cartel Leniency Policy
Under the Draft Cartel Leniency Policy, the Commission will agree not to bring proceedings in the Tribunal for a pecuniary penalty against the first cartel member who reports the cartel conduct to the Commission and meets all the requirements for receiving leniency under the policy. The Chamber’s comments to the Commission’s proposals are given in the link.
2015/09/09Proposed Security of Payment Legislation for the Construction Industry
The Chamber is pleased to see the Government take action in addressing payment disputes that have been plaguing the construction industry for years.
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