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Greening the Blue
Greening the Blue<br/>綠化海洋

Greening the Blue<br/>綠化海洋

The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong opened its doors in July in Southern district beside Ocean Park Water World. The waterfront resort, which overlooks the South China Sea, is the first Fullerton Hotel in Hong Kong and the first Fullerton resort worldwide.

On 29 September, members of the Chamber’s Retail and Tourism Committee and Women Executives Club were taken on a guided tour of the resort’s guest rooms, dining outlets, outdoor swimming pool and children’s play areas.

The delegation learned about the hotel’s commitment to the environment by incorporating sustainability into its design and operations, such as reducing single-use plastics in guest rooms, and using eco-bricks from up-cycled plastic waste. The hotel is also the sponsor of “CORAL REEFStoration,” a local coral conservation and restoration project that uses 3D-printed terracotta tiles to help corals anchor and grow.

To support the Government’s “Invigorate Island South” initiative, the hotel offers adventure excursions and activities for hotel guests, including sampan rides, night-time biodiversity discovery trips, abseiling and zip line adventures.


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