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Amazing Hong Kong
Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

Gold Award Winners
"Apliu Street at Night," by Man Wai Wong (left)
"Springtime at Ting Kau," by Chang Lau Janice Wan

Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

The winners of the photo competition with the sponsors, Chamber Deputy Chairman Agnes Chan and CEO George Leung.

Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

Silver Award Winners
"Splendid Night View at Victoria Harbour" by Yeung Man Ying (top, left)
"Hot Flames Soaring High" by Tsui Piu (top, centre)

Bronze Award Winners
"The Metropolis" by Lo Lai Fong (top, right)
"Busy People" by Hui Yau Tat (bottom, left)

Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

Honourable Mentions Winners
"Hong Kong in Dreamscape" by Mak Li Hon (top, left)
"The Future" by Cliffcher Eustaquio (top, centre)
"Sea of Fog in Hong Kong" by Fong Chung Hei (top, right)
"Professional Barber" by Chan Hok Hung (bottom, left)
"People and Vehicles Vying for Space" by Wong Kam Lo (bottom, centre)
"Sunset on the Way Back" by Tang Pui Yee (bottom, right)

Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

Amazing Hong Kong<br/>璀璨香港

Left: The silver and bronze winners of the photo contest.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the winning entries of the HKGCC 160th Anniversary Photo Competition are an evocative tribute to Hong Kong. 

Jointly organized by the Chamber and PPAC International to celebrate the Chamber‘s 160 years of serving Hong Kong‘s business community, the contest attracted over 1,300 entries on the theme “The World‘s Greatest Business City.“ The photographers and winning images were showcased at an awards presentation ceremony held at the Chamber on 13 October. 

Speaking at the event, Chamber Deputy Chairman Agnes Chan said: “Throughout its 160-year history, the Chamber has grown with Hong Kong, contributing to the economic growth and social development of the city. We are glad that the photo contest was well received by the public. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the winners. I hope you will continue to capture the charm of the ‘Pearl of the Orient‘ through your camera.“

The contest comprised two categories: Hong Kong Business Cityscape and Hong Kong Business Culture. Awards in each category were one gold (HK$10,000), one silver (HK$8,000), one bronze (HK$6,000), and three Honourable Mentions (HK$1,000 and a certificate), made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of members Chevalier Group, NWS Holdings Limited, Sino Group, Swire Properties, Wheelock Properties, and Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Limited. 

Twelve images were chosen from 1,340 entries by a panel of professional photographers from PPAC International and a number of HKGCC General Committee members. “The process of selection was based on many factors,“ said Raven Tsoi of PPAC International, one of the judges. “The photos had to properly reflect the theme. Technical prowess, and the effort and time that went into the shot were among the judging criteria.“


Hong Kong Business Cityscape

The gold prize in the Hong Kong Business Cityscape category went to Chang Lau Janice Wan for “Springtime at Ting Kau,“ a stunning image of Ting Kau Bridge at sunset. Wan, a part-time accountant and photography tutor who specializes in landscapes, shared her inspiration behind the picture, which was taken at Approach Beach in mid-February last year. 

“In places where mosses grow, the backdrops are usually mountains or buildings, so the moss on this beach tempted me to take a photo with Ting Kau Bridge as the background,“ Wan explained. “After three attempts, I managed to get a satisfying shot of the sunset scenery.“

Beating out the many images of Hong Kong‘s famous skyline to win silver was Yeung Man Ying‘s “Splendid Night View at Victoria Harbour,“ showing the vibrant green Happy Valley Racecourse and skyscrapers against Victoria Harbour. Bronze went to Lo Lai Fong‘s “The Metropolis,“ an architectural composition of a commercial building and an installation.

Commending the winners, Douglas Woo, Chairman and Managing Director of Wheelock Properties, said: “Hong Kong has talent! Through the lens, the winning works have inspiringly captured the vibes, vibrancy and spirit of Hong Kong‘s entrepreneurship – the essence of the city which HKGCC also represents. Congratulations to all the participants and the selected winners. Thank you all!“

Guy Bradley, Chairman, John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Limited, also lauded the winners: “Many congratulations to the winners of the HKGCC 160th Anniversary Photo Competition. It‘s inspiring to view Hong Kong‘s incredible cityscape and culture through these talented photographers‘ lenses. They‘ve captured the essence of what makes Hong Kong unique as an international business centre: its vibrancy, diversity, people. Their efforts combine technical skill with storytelling to create powerful, enduring images.“   

Yu Pang Chun, Director and General Manager, Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd, said: “The business sector is an important pillar of Hong Kong‘s economy, with the city renowned for its business-friendly environment. The contest‘s participants have captured the vibrancy of the city‘s business environment, which is significant for telling Hong Kong story.“ 


Hong Kong Business Culture

In the Hong Kong Business Culture category, gold was awarded to Wong Man Wai for “Apliu Street at Night,“ an aerial view of intersecting shopping streets brightly lit against the dark rectangles of rooftops. 

“I took this photo in late 2020. I was inspired to portray the vibrant nightlife at Apliu Street but from a different angle,“ explained Wong. An avid photographer, the former internet and telecommunications specialist discovered his love for the art in school. “My family was engaged in trading during my secondary school years. Once a customer placed an order for a film camera but then abandoned it. I kept it, and have been addicted to photography ever since.“

The silver was claimed by Tsui Piu for “Hot Flames Soaring High,“ depicting a street-food vendor cooking over leaping flames. Bronze went to Hui Yau Tat‘s “Busy People,“ a motion blur of two women in conversation amid Central‘s teeming MTR underground walkway.

Also on display were the images that won Honourable Mentions: “Hong Kong in Dreamscape“ by Li Hon Mak, Cliffcher Eustaquio‘s “The Future,“ and Chung Hei Fong‘s “Sea of Fog in Hong Kong“ in Hong Kong Business Cityscape; and Hok Hung Chan‘s “Professional Barber,“ Kam Lo Wong‘s “People and Vehicles Vying for Space,“ and Pui Yee Tang‘s  “Sunset on the Way Back“ in Hong Kong Business Culture.  

“We are delighted to have supported the HKGCC 160th Anniversary Photo Competition, part of the wider celebrations honouring the Chamber‘s long-standing commitment to serving the business community in Hong Kong,“ said Nikki Ng, Group General Manager of Sino Group. “Thank you, HKGCC, for inviting our community members to share their stunning images of Hong Kong‘s amazing cityscapes, vibrant business culture, and cultural heritage that have been so passionately captured through the camera lens. Sino Group is committed to the vision of ‘Creating Better Lifescapes‘ and will continue to dedicate our efforts with close partnerships between all sectors to shaping a healthier and more sustainable environment.“

Her sentiments were shared by Bonnie Chu, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Chevalier Group, who said the company was happy to support this meaningful event organized by the HKGCC: “Through the lens of the enthusiastic and passionate photographers, we see the vibrant and dynamic faces of Hong Kong. Congratulations to all the winners!“

Those in attendance enjoyed talking to the winners about their works and networking. Chamber CEO George Leung thanked all the contest‘s participants, project partner PPAC International, the sponsors and media partner Headline Daily.


The photos can be viewed on the competition website: 


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