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Pitch Perfect Programme Gets Under Way
Pitch Perfect Programme Gets Under Way<br/>完美求職計劃正式展開

Students learned about the key steps to career success during the first stage of the Pitch Perfect Programme from the Chamber’s Young Executives Club (YEC) during November. The  participants attended four training sessions that were held on each Wednesday throughout the month that made up Stage 1 of this four-stage competition. 

At each session, trainers introduced the students to various aspects of job hunting and personal development to help them navigate the post-university world. The first session explored how students can ace their job interviews and also covered presentation skills. Session two discussed how candidates can make the right impression and avoid pitfalls on their first day at work, as well as the future skills needed for today’s ever-changing workplaces.

The third session focused on personal brand building, where the students learned how they can create a good image to help them stand out from the crowd. Then the final session looked in more detail at career development within the corporate world, as well as the importance of ensuring work-life balance while climbing the professional ladder. 

To round off the final training session, representatives from the seven sponsor companies also introduced their businesses to the students. In Stage 2, in December and January, participants will visit these companies and learn more about their operations and missions. 

Several YEC members also attended each of the November sessions, where they shared their own career paths and stories with the students and answered questions from the audience. Some of these YEC members will also serve as mentors in Stage 3 of the programme. The students also had the opportunity to chat casually with the YEC representatives after the events.

Thanks to all of the trainers and YEC members for taking the time to share their inspiring stories and job-hunting tips. Their insights not only helped the students prepare for the later stages of the competition, but will also be useful as they enter the workforce in the next few years.


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