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Guide Dogs Lead the Way
Guide Dogs Lead the Way<br/>導盲犬:視障人士的領路夥伴

A group of Chamber staff  learned all about guide dogs and their work on a recent CSR activity at HKSEDS (Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services) a non-profit organization established in 2012 to breed and train dogs to help people with visual impairments.

Staff learned about the charity's work to train the dogs to help people in the community, and met Fay-Fay, one of the organization's dogs. Chamber staff also took part in some activities led by HKSEDS staff. In one experiment, half of the visitors wore eye-masks to block their sight while a colleague tried to guide them around – indoors at first before heading outside to tackle some stairs. 

The participants said that this activity had helped them to understand the hurdles that people with visual impairments face in Hong Kong, and also the skills needed to safely guide a blind person from one place to another.


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