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Future Careers in Fintech
Future Careers in Fintech<br/>金融科技職涯規劃

Future Careers in Fintech<br/>金融科技職涯規劃

A group of Form Five students from Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College spent a fun and informative afternoon with a team of fintech professionals from Nova Credit in July, as part of the Business School Partnership Programme. 

Nova Credit is a credit reference agency supported by leading financial institutions, with aims to take the credit bureau industry to the next level in Hong Kong and contribute to the Greater Bay Area, while embracing the values of privacy and personal data security. 

To help the visitors understand these complex issues, the Nova Credit team designed a group activity to raise secondary school students' awareness about data privacy, cyberbullying and intellectual property, using real-life examples from social media and YouTube videos. The students participated in games, quizzes and discussions and were afterwards able to understand some of the important basic concepts of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and Copyright Ordinance.

The visit also helped the students more broadly with career planning, in particular how to connect their evolving interests and capabilities with their chosen career paths. 

Three speakers from different departments of Nova Credit shared how their career journeys had unfolded, and discussed their own goals when they had been high school students themselves. To everyone's surprise, one of the speakers said that she had aspired to be a dancer and had even been accepted into The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. However, she then switched her course to study Mathematics, which led to more than 20 years of a fulfilling career in Business Analytics. 

The students then had an opportunity to discuss their own career aspirations with the speakers and other staff members.

The afternoon concluded with a tour around Nova Credit's office. The students were thrilled to be able to visit a business in person, and as a result were more inspired by what they had learned.


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