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Thanks to Our Good Citizens!
Thanks to Our Good Citizens!<br/>感謝一眾好市民!

Thanks to Our Good Citizens!<br/>感謝一眾好市民!

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, and keeping it that way are local residents who have played their part in helping the police to fight crime.

Forty citizens were commended at the Good Citizen Award Presentation Ceremony on 14 August, where they each received a certificate and a cheque for $3,000. Thanks to the action of these citizens, several dozen criminals were arrested for offences including fraud, burglary, outraging public decency, animal abuse and wounding.

The oldest awardee was 68-year-old Cheng Yu-kong, who helped the police to arrest a criminal for cruelty to animals. In June 2020, Cheng was visiting his cousin in Shan Ha Tsuen when he saw an injured dog chained to a village house. Several hours later, when he walked past again and saw the dog was still in the same distressed condition, he filed a report to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the police, who quickly arrived and arrested the owner of the injured dog. The police were grateful that Cheng had been vigilant and reported the crime, even though he was just passing by the area. 

The youngest recipient, 14-year-old Liu Wing-yan, was travelling on the LRT to school one day when she noticed a man placing his foot underneath another passenger’s skirt, then walking away. Liu alerted the victim and contacted the police. When the police arrived they quickly located the defendant who had a tiny camera lens hidden inside his shoe. It turned out that the defendant’s phone contained about 50 up-skirt photos. He was convicted of outraging public decency, sentenced to fourteen weeks’ imprisonment, and given two years’ probation. 

Another recipient of the Good Citizen Award was Li Cheuk-fai, a security guard at a residential building. A teacher contacted the building after seeing a student post online that he was attempting suicide. Li quickly located the right flat and also reported the situation to the police. When first responders and police arrived, they found the casualty in an unconscious state, but thanks to Li’s fast action they were able to revive him before transferring him to hospital. 

The Good Citizen Award is organized by the Hong Kong Police Force and the event has been sponsored by HKGCC since it launched in 1973. The August awards were presented by Commissioner of Police Siu Chak-yee, Chamber Deputy CEO Watson Chan, and Victor Pang Wing-seng, member of the Fight Crime Committee.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chamber’s Chan praised all of the recipients as fantastic role models for Hong Kong and said he hoped the awardees would inspire people with their acts of bravery and justice. 

Pang said that he hoped this year’s theme of anti-deception would enhance public awareness about fraud, in particular the recent increase in scams targeting the elderly.

Siu introduced the new Good Corporate Award to encourage businesses to assist the police in preventing and investigating such scams and other illegal activity. He added that the police would continue to raise awareness of how the whole community can work together to fight crime.


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