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Innovation Inspiration<br/>啟發創新思維

Technology never stops evolving, and businesses need to keep on their toes to stay ahead of the competition. Students from Yew Chung International School learned how Siemens has been constantly innovating throughout its 173-year history, and the impact of innovation on the workplace and career development, at a webinar on 24 March on the theme of "Technology to Transform the Everyday."

Jennifer Chan, Communications Assistant at Siemens Hong Kong and Macao, introduced the company's history, including some of its major inventions and milestones. In the 19th century, the German company's innovations included long-distance telegraphs, electricity and electrical devices. Today, various megatrends are shaping our world, Chan explained, for example globalization, urbanization and digitalization. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and has a role to play in all these trends. 

Such technology evolution means that requirements in the workplace have changed, which has been especially notable amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Ricky Leung, Digital Business Development Manager, Smart Infrastructure, explained how Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can create a resilient workplace amid the current challenges, and help businesses move towards the new normal. 

Leung said that the hybrid work model was becoming more common, where some employees work remotely while others work in the office. Technology facilitates communication and interactions among co-workers. For example, staff can easily locate where a certain colleague is in the office. At the same time, IoT can also cater for the sanitation needs and lighting in workplaces, such as allowing real-time location monitoring with motion-detecting ceiling sensors. This can provide data to make better use of office spaces and help maintain social distancing. 

Then Keith Wong, Head of Digital Business, Smart Infrastructure, shared with students how engineers make an important contribution to society and the role of engineering in the digital era.   

Wong stressed that it is very important for engineers to understand their technology and their customers. As problem solvers, engineers need to know "what is going on, and what is going wrong." They can then integrate different approaches to tailor a total solution to tackle the problem and meet their client's needs.


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