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A Taste of Bali
A Taste of Bali<br/>峇里風情

Red Snapper Rica-Rica
As Indonesia is a country of islands, freshly caught fish are unsurprisingly a common theme on dining tables across the nation. A thick cut of red snapper is lightly seasoned and pan seared to preserve its original flavour. Topped with mixed chilies, lime leaf and vinegar, this blend of spice and acidity further elevates the freshness of the fish.

A Taste of Bali<br/>峇里風情

Coconut Smoked Duck
Commonly served at Indonesian festivals, this flavourful dish features sliced duck breast smoked in a coconut shell and served with lawar, a traditional and vibrant wild green bean salad marinated in 18 different Balinese spices. With its contrasting textures and complex mix of spices, this appetizer awakens diners’ taste buds for the delights ahead.

A Taste of Bali<br/>峇里風情

Wagyu Beef Dendeng
Originating in Sumatra, beef dendeng is an iconic dish from Indonesia's western regions. Beef cheek is grilled and braised in spices and coconut milk for three hours until tender and juicy. The beef is served with roasted sweet potato, glazed baby carrots and pickled daikon.

A Taste of Bali<br/>峇里風情

Crispy Coffee Cake
Unlike the restaurant’s savoury dishes, which stress tradition and authenticity, Poem takes a modern route in its selection of sweets. This dessert sandwiches light coffee cream and cocoa nibs between crisp and delicate coffee tuile, served with caramelized banana slices and house-made banana ice cream. Beautifully constructed, this dessert presents a harmonious combination of fresh and rich flavours.

A Taste of Bali<br/>峇里風情

Chef’s Profile
The restaurant’s Balinese Chef de Cuisine Wayan Mustika learnt his trade at The Ritz-Carlton Bali, where he accumulated experience section by section in the luxury hotel’s kitchens.
After working in the industry for a few years, Chef Mustika came to Hong Kong in 2015 to explore new opportunities. Having noticed that people in Hong Kong were not as familiar with Indonesian fare as they were with other Southeast Asian cuisines, he decided to promote his home country’s dishes to local diners.
“Balinese cooking emphasizes health, harmony and sustainability. I make use of all-natural ingredients to offer the authentic flavours of Indonesia,” he said.

With its gorgeous weather and beautiful beaches, Bali is a popular vacation destination for Hong Kong people. 

Travel to the relaxed Indonesian island may be off-limits for now, but diners can still soak up the Balinese atmosphere and enjoy local Indonesian delicacies at Poem. This restaurant in Central transports its guests to the island paradise with its lush greenery, delicate ornamental copper walls, a wooden bar and bamboo tables and chairs.

Helmed by Chef Wayan Mustika and Chef Denny Sumarko, Poem showcases the range of classic flavours found across the Indonesian archipelago. “We cook our dishes with fresh seasonal ingredients and ethically sourced meats,” said Chef Mustika. “We want to present local diners with the stories and cultures of the islands of Indonesia.”

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