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Smart Design Meets European Elegance
Smart Design Meets European Elegance<br/>揉合智能設計與歐洲典雅

The development of technology that is enabling the growth of smart cities around the world is also helping to make homes smarter. 

Designers are now combining smart-living technology to create attractive and functional furnishings and designs that enable a smarter and more efficient lifestyle in the home. The challenge for interior designers is to incorporate these new technologies without sacrificing style.

Members learned more about this growing sector during a Chamber visit to Colourliving on 14 January. A lifestyle concept store, Colourliving has furniture and fittings created by European interior designers, including products and concepts currently used in luxury hotels and high-end shopping malls.

During a guided tour of the store, members explored a range of innovative products including artificial skylights, anti-bacterial tile technology, and high-tech door locks and showers – while also enjoying the opportunity to browse some more traditional designs.