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Smart Government in Action
Smart Government in Action<br/>實現智慧政府

On the basis of impact, smart government is arguably one of the most important components in smart city development.Through the use of advanced technology, a smart government can better serve its citizens by providing more efficient public services and by helping to connect industry with innovators.

The concept of smart government is gaining currency around the world. Notable examples include the Singaporean government’s formation of a Smart Nation and Digital Government Group in 2017 to coordinate its digital transformation, and Canada’s Smart City Challenge, an annual competition to encourage the country’s local governments to address issues with new partnerships through a smart city approach. 

Although their methods and practices vary, these and other cities share the common objective of seeking to unleash the full potential of smart city technology, allowing local businesses and communities to reap the benefits.

In Hong Kong, the Government has also rolled out a series of measures as part of its commitment to become smarter. One of these is the E&M InnoPortal, which was launched in 2018. This platform aims to match the needs of government departments, public organizations and the electrical and mechanical (E&M) industry with IT projects developed by start-ups and universities.

Some of the solutions developed through the E&M InnoPortal are on display at the E&M InnoZone, at the headquarters of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD). During a Chamber visit on 13 December, members learned about some of the recent applications that have undergone trials in different government departments. 

These included a robotic car-body repair system, which has been installed in the vehicle maintenance workshop at the EMSD headquarters, and a cloud-based Driver Assistance System that was being tested in around 50 government vehicles.