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AI in Action
AI in Action <br/>人工智能投入運作

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the defining technologies of the current age, and many Chinese companies are making their mark in the sector. 

This is partly as a result of strong government support: the Mainland authorities decided in 2017 to aim to make China a world leader in AI technology by 2030. 

Among the success stories in the AI field is Xiao-i. The company’s technology, particularly in the fields of conversation and human-machine interaction, has been widely adopted by banks and financial, retail and telecom corporations in the Mainland.

To learn more about how AI technology can help businesses, a group of members enjoyed an exclusive tour of the Xiao-i AI+ Experience Centre on 27 November. During the visit, they heard about the various solutions and commercial applications that Xiao-i has developed for clients in different industries. 

Due to high demand, the Chamber organized a return visit to the AI+ Experience Centre on 11 December.