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E-sports at Cyberport
E-sports at Cyberport

The million-dollar prizes won by a number of teenagers at the Fortnite World Cup in New York in July made headlines around the world and underlined just how big the e-sports industry has become.

To help Hong Kong businesses and gamers tap into this huge and growing trend, Cyberport recently opened a dedicated e-sports venue. A group of members of the Chamber’s Young Executives Club enjoyed a tour of the new venue on 25 July, to learn more about the development of the e-sports sector in Hong Kong. Members visited the outdoor podium, which can be used as function space, the LED portal, which has digital and animation displays, and the e-sport coaching rooms. 

After the tour, some members took the opportunity to stay on at Cyberport to watch an exciting live tournament taking place at the venue. The contest was a qualifier match in the 2019 League of Legends International College Cup, which was hosted by Cyberport as part of EMF – E-sports and Music Festival.