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Cooperation and Commitment to Empower the Young Generation

For businesses to thrive in today’s competitive global environment, a willingness to cooperate is often essential. From collaborating with partner companies to working closely with clients, building business relationships can be a key factor in success.

A spirit of cooperation also drives companies’ CSR commitments, something that we were reminded of at the recent Closing Party for this year’s Business School Partnership (BSP) Programme. 

Every year, we hear from students how much they enjoyed the activities, and from their teachers about how it helps the students as they start to plan their careers. We are always happy to hear such feedback, but of course this scheme would not be the success that it is without the cooperation of our members. 

The BSP Programme is not a one-off event. It pairs companies with secondary schools for a partnership that runs throughout the academic year. The companies organize a range of activities which can include visits to offices and factories, career talks from senior managers and HR staff, and workshops on interview skills. All told, it involves a considerable commitment.

Our member companies do a great job of revealing the multi-faceted world of work to these youngsters. Meeting senior executives is, no doubt, extremely inspiring. But just as valuable is the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see workers of all levels. This shows students not only the huge variety of careers available, but also how every worker plays a crucial role. 

Our BSP Programme has gone from strength to strength over the past 19 years that it has been running. But we have been thinking for some time that there has been a gap in the Chamber’s reach. Previously, we did not have a programme dedicated to university students and new graduates. That has changed with the launch of our Business Case Competition in July. 

We have teamed up with Agorize and four corporate sponsors for this exciting new project for the Chamber. The companies have each come up with a theme based on genuine business challenges for the participating teams to work on, in the areas of green fashion, sustainable hospitality experience, transport decarbonization, and future mixed-use developments. 

We hope that through this project we can better serve the whole community in Hong Kong. The Business Case Competition will help more students explore opportunities in the world of business, while also helping companies to tap into the brightest young talent. 

University students and recent graduates are surely among some of Hong Kong’s most innovative thinkers. I'm sure they will come up with some fantastic ideas, and we are greatly looking forward to the solutions they come up with as the project gets under way.


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