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Delectable Dining
Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Scarlett Board Scarlett
Another signature dish, this metre-long board grabs your attention as it arrives at the table. It features five cheese and five cold-cut selections, with each providing a unique and dynamic taste that demonstrates the versatility of the flavours on offer.

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Le Chateaubriand
This dish features Australian Black Angus beef, and the tenderloin – among the leanest of meat cuts – is selected for its texture. You can choose to accompany the juicy tenderloin with bearnaise or black pepper sauce, alongside a dish of garlic-infused spinach.

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

L'os a Moelle / Bone Marrow
Looking something interesting to start with? Bone marrow with beef cheek and mixed salad is a signature appetiser at Scarlett. A scoop of spongy marrow on crisp toast presents a flavour-rich first impression to all meat lovers.

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Duck Foie Gras 2 Ways
What’s better than having a quintessential French delicacy on the table? Having one more! This dish features duck foie gras, both pan-seared and terrine. A taste of warm and smooth, a rich and buttery bite – together they create a luxurious “best of both worlds.”

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Duck Leg Confit
A traditional southern French delight, the duck leg confit is first salted down for two hours, then marinated and tenderized, followed by an overnight slow cook at a gentle temperature to deliver a tender texture. A mushroom and red wine sauce enhances the rich meat flavours.

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Le Fondant
This classic caramelized French dessert, accompanied by a scoop of coconut ice cream, appeals not only to your eyes – as chocolate sauce slowly runs down the cake – but also to your taste buds, delivering a velvety sweetness to conclude this French dining experience.

Delectable Dining Scarlett Cafe<br/>「法」現美味

Executive Chef Danny Grimshaw began his kitchen journey working as a dishwasher to help fund his studies. He was not from a foodie background, but found himself enjoying the noise, heat and excitement of the kitchen environment.
“Seeing all the chefs at work made me want to go further,” he said. Grimshaw started by filling in for his colleagues, which helped develop his passion for cooking as well as his culinary skills. “Eventually I went to school, getting the techniques and training to be a chef.”
Born and raised in Australia, Grimshaw understands the importance of fresh ingredients.
“Cooking is always about the seasonal produce,” he said. “You have to know what is available, what is being grown close by, and more importantly, what you can do with it.”

French cuisine is renowned for its pursuit of elegance and flair, not only on the dining table, but also in the ambience of its restaurants. However, this can be overwhelming to those unfamiliar with French customs. Happily for Hong Kong diners, amid the hustle and bustle of Tsim Sha Tsui is an eatery that is determined to subvert the cliche of intimidating French restaurants.

Scarlett Cafe and Wine Bar delivers authentic French cuisine in a relaxed environment. The ground floor is a wine bar, while the first floor has an open kitchen that allows interaction between the chefs and customers. 

“The atmosphere is one of our attractions,” said Quentin Le Borgne, Operations Manager at Scarlett. “We want our guests to feel comfortable. We treat our guests the way that we want to be treated in restaurants – attentive service with a smile, and of course, delicious food.”


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