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Visual Delights
Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Mango pomelo sago
Diced mango, sago and pomelo are added to mango juice with a scoop of coconut sorbet. Set on a glass decorated with edible flowers and with a smoky effect created with dried ice, this classic dessert brings sweetness and fantasy to end the meal.

Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Steamed fresh flower crab claw and egg white
This signature dish has a steamed egg-white base dressed with a bright layer of bisque. Meaty crab claws are served with a generous amount of imperial bird’s nest. A dash of 15-year Hua Diao wine elevates the flavor of the crab and adds a distinct aroma to this luxurious dish.

Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Chilled organic tomato with salty dried plum
Duddell’s selects bite-sized Italian organic tomatoes for their firm texture. After being skinned, they are marinated in 15-year Hua Diao wine and salty plum juice for six hours. Simple and delicate, this mouthwatering appetizer is a refreshing surprise to the taste buds.

Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Pan-fried Miyazaki A4 Wagyu beef with fermented black soybean and garlic
No marinating is needed for this sirloin beef, which is specially selected for its evenly distributed marbling and rich flavour. The beef cubes are stir fried with Chinese fermented soybean sauce and chili. Tender and juicy, this meaty dish will blow diners away.

Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Crispy chicken with fermented bean curd sauce
Tender chicken thigh is marinated then deep fried until golden brown, and complemented with a dipping sauce made of mayonnaise and fermented bean curd. A tempting aroma, crispy texture and layers of flavours combine to make a perfect snack to pair with wine.

Visual Delights 賞心悅目Duddell's

Executive Chef Jacky Wu developed his passion for cooking from his uncle, who created delicious meals for the family. Wu added to this training at home by working in Chinese restaurants to accumulate experience.
Although he has been working in the industry for more than 20 years, Wu is still regarded as a young chef. He manages a highly skilled team, some of whom have more experience than he does. Wu admitted that he faced a few challenges when he first stepped up to the senior role, but he believes that a good leader should be able to prove himself with true ability.
Wu revealed that working in a Michelin-starred restaurant has its particular stresses.
“People have high hopes and expectations,” he said. “Maintaining a high standard is crucial. Cooking Chinese cuisine well depends on experience, as a second’s delay can lead to big difference in a dish.”

With sculptures, paintings and Chinese calligraphy on display, Duddell’s is as much an art gallery as a restaurant. It has a programme of exhibitions ranging from antiques to contemporary work by local artists, and has become a part of the Hong Kong art scene since it was established in 2013. 

That’s not to say the food is an afterthought. In fact, the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star for its delicate approach to Cantonese cuisine. 

The space consists of a modern salon serving wine and dim sum, and a refined dining area. Led by Executive Chef Jacky Wu, the culinary team sources and prepares ingredients from around the world to create traditional Cantonese dishes using modern plating techniques. 

“Eating is not just limited to flavours,” Wu said. “Visual delight is equally important. Duddell’s impresses diners with great flavours coupled with the art of plating.” 

Level 3 Shanghai Tang Mansion, 
1 Duddell St, Central
2525 9191