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Business Case for Investing in Hong Kong’s Youth

Investing in our future generations is one of the best ways for Hong Kong to ensure its continued prosperity, success and happiness. Here at the Chamber we are happy to play a role in helping the youth of Hong Kong flourish.

For many years now, we have been running our Business-School Partnership Programme. This gives high-school students the opportunity to find out more about the realities of working life as well as explore the many different sectors and types of company in which they can build a career.

Every year we receive great feedback on this programme from the schools and students, and also from the member companies and their staff who participate. 

We will soon be launching another programme – this time focusing on university students. The Business Case Competition will link students with companies, and will give them the opportunity to immerse in and gather experience from some meaningful projects.

To organize the Business Case Competition, we have teamed up with Agorize, which has been running similar events for the past three years. Last year, students in the competition worked with four companies – AXA Hong Kong, Natixis, LVMH Fashion Group and Dragages Hong Kong. In total, the four corporate sponsors received more than 200 team submissions, of which 12 were selected to pitch their ideas. 

The benefits for students are obvious, as they expand their knowledge, connections and experience of real-world cases. For businesses, there are plenty of benefits as well. 

In the Business Case Competition all of the projects are tailor made, so the participating company can choose exactly what it wants to achieve. The projects could be grand schemes to tackle some of Hong Kong’s biggest problems or focused programmes to solve specific issues. 

A company may want to explore how it can make its operations more environmentally friendly, use technology more effectively, or develop strategies to attract young consumers.

Whatever the project, businesses will benefit from being able to tap into the brains of the younger generation, who are bursting with new and innovative ideas. 

Connecting with young people also helps businesses by providing an insight into what they expect from the workforce. This is especially important given Hong Kong’s current severe manpower challenge. 

The brightest and best of today’s students will be able to pick and choose from job offers once they graduate. Businesses that know how to create an environment where young people want to work will be winners in this highly competitive marketplace. 

HKGCC acts as a bridge for business in many regards. Connecting companies with the younger generation of consumers and potential recruits is another way we hope to serve our members.