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Blending Flavours
Blending Flavours, Gradini

Burrata Cheese
A Valentine’s Day Special, the crunchy Red Prawns Tartar serves as a fresh appetizer.
The chef has selected Sicilian shrimp for its sweetness, which is furthered highlighted by the careful use of lemon skin. The heart-shaped crispy tofu skin, on the other hand, adds a subtle oriental touch.

Blending Flavours, Gradini<br/>

Red Prawns Tartar, Caviar, Shellfish Jelly
This dish features burrata cheese with heirloom tomatoes in a range of hues. The versatile flavor of this dish comes from the fact that each tomato has a slightly different texture and taste as well as colour. Showing Chef Chan’s eye for visual appeal, the plate exudes hot smoke as it arrives at the table.

Blending Flavours, Gradini

Linguine, Sicilian Red Prawn
Pasta is a quintessential Italian ingredient, and Gradini once again uses perfectly cooked Sicilian Red Prawn to create this classic Italian dish. The sauce base is also made with the heads of the prawns to offer a richer seafood flavor, which is enhanced with a touch of spice.

Blending Flavours, Gradini

Pan-fried Mangalica Pork
Also known as the “Kobe beef of pork,” the Mangalica Pork is a standout in this platter. The fat and marbling within the pork adds an extra layer of crunchiness to this rich cut. To balance the hearty serving of meat, it is served with grilled vegetables and mushroom puree.

Blending Flavours, Gradini

Gai Daan Jai (Egg Waffle) served with Hong Kong Milk Tea Gelato
Not your regular Italian dessert, this after-meal delight embodies a true mix of tastes from the East and West. Gai Daan Jai and Hong Kong Milk Tea Gelato are accompanied by blueberry, raspberry and chocolate sauce to deliver an original take on a local flavor.

Blending Flavours, Gradini

I Love You
This Valentine’s Day special dessert features strawberry mousse and chocolate and is topped with a marshmallow. From whipping the cream to moulding the shape of the chocolate and creating the delicate rods to hold the marshmallow, every step requires precision and gentleness. Just like love, this dessert brings sweetness not only to the taste buds, but also to the heart.

Blending Flavours, Gradini

Executive Chef Cano Chan enjoys being creative and previously used his talents working as a hair stylist and a graphic designer. But he then decided to become a chef because he enjoyed the challenges of the job, and the variety that he can create through cooking.
Chef Chan believes that a dish must not only taste good, but also be beautifully presented.
“My design background helps me a lot,” explained Chan. “Studying graphic design really helps me come up with better presentation for my dishes. You can’t just attract people with delicious food. It’s not enough – it has to be pleasing to the eye as well.”
Chan has worked in the industry for more than 20 years and learned how to cook a number of different cuisines before choosing to focus on Italian. “I just like how simple and natural Italian food is,” he explained.

Pottinger Street – or as the locals call it, Stone Slab Street – is a place where different and sometimes contrasting elements come together to form a unique and mesmerizing environment. In Grandini, located just a few steps away from the bottom of this steep street, these characteristics can also be found in the varied cuisine on offer. 

Part of the Pottinger Hotel, Gradini serves modern Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere with decor inspired by European gardens. Cano Chan, Gradini’s Executive Chef, aims to impress his customers with originality. 
“I personally like the feeling of new and fresh,” said Chan, “and I want my customers to feel the same way. We include new elements in traditional Italian dishes and hope to bring unique presentation, flavors and feelings – which cannot be found elsewhere – to our customers.”

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