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There is a great deal of interest in cryptocurrencies among people in Hong Kong. But this fastmoving and often volatile area of the fintech world can be daunting for those who do not have the relevant expertise or technical knowledge.

The Chamber’s Crypto Marketplace @ Happy Hour event on 5 November provided a valuable opportunity to learn from a wide range of companies and experts in the space. More than 150 members and guests attended the event to relax and network over a few drinks and hear about the latest crypto developments. 

Ten key players from the local crypto community showcased their products and services. They represented a number of different areas within the sector – including venture capitalists, crypto exchange operators, initial coin offering project founders, program developers, hardware providers, legal advisers and industry association representatives – giving attendees a great overview of the various opportunities available. 

The event also included a panel discussion on the latest developments in crypto technology and markets. Aurelien Menant, Founder and CEO of Gatecoin; James Quinn, Head of Markets at Kenetic; Kevin Loo, CoFounder and Chief Strategy Officer of CryptAM; and Leonhard Weese, President of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, exchanged views on the latest applications of crypto and blockchain technologies, as well as market trends and investment options in the sector. 

They also discussed the regulatory environment, including the latest statement from the Securities and Futures Commission on the licensing of managers of virtual asset portfolios, as well as the introduction of a regulatory sandbox for virtual asset trading platforms.

The event was hosted by the Chamber’s Vice Chairman Leland Sun, who was joined by General Committee Members Jennifer Chan and Nicholas Brooke, and Chamber CEO Shirley Yuen in a toast to the success of the local crypto community. 

List of Exhibitors:
Hong Kong Bitcoin Association
Standard Kepler


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