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No Cashier Required
No Cashier Required<br/>收銀處從此消失

No Cashier Required<br/>收銀處從此消失

While the cashless economy is a current trend and hot topic, the Alipay store in Olympian City goes one step further and is also cashier-less.

A group of members enjoyed a guided tour of this unmanned store on 28 September to see the latest developments in the retail sector and experience first-hand how the process works.

Before entering the store, members had their faces scanned by the company’s facial recognition technology. This generated a QR code on a screen to be saved on their mobile phone. This QR code could then be used to give them access to the store and to purchase products.

During the visit, members also learned about some of the other core technologies in use in the story, including its RFID checkout technology, the alarmed security system and a robot that makes freshly brewed coffee for shoppers to enjoy.