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Promoting Hong Kong to Attract Businesses and Talent

With many major international fairs taking place in the city since April, Hong Kong’s convention & exhibition (C&E) sector has entered its peak season. As exhibitors and businesses from around the world flock to the city, it is a great opportunity to tell the good stories of Hong Kong and showcase our unique charm to the world. 

Since the borders fully reopened, Hong Kong has seen a flurry of international conferences and large-scale exhibitions. While those that moved to other destinations during the pandemic have returned, others are making their debut in the city.

For example, seven major lifestyle and licensing events recently held by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council attracted close to 56,000 buyers from over 130 countries and regions. With the sector’s better-than-expected recovery, government officials and industry leaders are anticipating business to return to – or even exceed – pre-pandemic levels.

These international conventions and trade fairs have attracted many businesses and high-end travellers to Hong Kong. In line with such mega events, the Hong Kong Tourism Board has also rolled out a variety of programmes including Victoria Harbour cruises and pyrotechnic displays to boost tourism. With business activities and incoming visitors on the rise, the economy will get a much-needed shot in the arm, which in turn benefits related sectors like hotels, food and beverage, retail, and tourism. 

As society returns to normalcy post-pandemic, the top priority is to pursue economic growth. To this end, a multi-faceted approach is needed to attract more visitors, enterprises and investments. For the C&E sector, exhibitors should be encouraged to experience the city’s distinctive appeal so that they will bring their friends and relatives along. Regarding frontline services, delivering quality service to make customers feel at home is the most effective way to share good stories about Hong Kong.

In regard to other support measures, Hong Kong has to work hard to enhance the tourist experience. These include adding direct flights to more destinations, and increasing the number of bays for private aircraft to cater to high-end travellers. It would also show our strong commitment to welcoming foreign investment. 

Last but not least, visitors’ personal experiences in the city can help them gain a deeper understanding of Hong Kong. Word of mouth is a good way to get the message across – with a stable and business-friendly environment, Hong Kong is an ideal international metropolis not only to live and work but also for tourism.


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