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Understanding National Affairs
Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

Members enjoyed riding the Skyrail, BYD’s new monorail system in Shenzhen, and also went on a tour of the company’s headquarters in Pingshan.

Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

Participants received a certificate from the Bauhinia Academy, Shenzhen Zijing Villa, upon completion of the programme.

Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

The two-day programme included seminars on China’s development strategies, among other topics.

Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

Understanding National Affairs<br/>了解國情

Offering a comprehensive look at the past, present and future of China, the China National Studies Programme in Shenzhen offered plenty of insights into the latest developments in the world’s second-largest economy. 

More than 20 professionals from sectors including finance, construction, IT, business services, energy and trade joined the programme, held 31 January-1 February at Bauhinia Academy, Shenzhen Zijing Villa.

The sessions kicked off with Huang Weiting, Deputy Director, Department of Policy Consultation, Institute of Macroeconomic Research, National Development and Reform Commission, discussing the National 14th Five-Year Plan and its significance for Hong Kong, as well as China’s medium- to long-term development strategies.

In a presentation on the international landscape and China diplomacy, Yu Tiejun, Professor of School of International Studies, and President of Institute of International and Strategic Studies, Peking University, briefed members on the current Sino-United States relations, the global impact of world conflicts, as well as tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Other subjects included China’s macroeconomic conditions, economic work plans for 2024, and the mission of the Central Economic Work Conference. Expert analysis was provided by Song Xiaodong, Professor and Director of the Teaching and Research Department (Political Economy), the Party School of Shenzhen Municipal Committee. Song is also Doctor of Economics at Renmin University.

Another important topic of study was the structure of the Central Government and the Communist Party, led by Gong Lailiang, Deputy Director of Registry Services of Bauhinia Academy. He also explained the development of political civilization in China, as well as the impact of traditional Chinese culture and Marxism on the present political system.

The programme also included a visit to the BYD headquarters in Pingshan. One of the world’s largest NEV manufacturers and a dual-listed company in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, BYD’s business spans from automobile, renewable energy and rail transit to electronics. Members enjoyed a ride on the SkyRail, China’s first commercial driverless suspended train.

Chamber member Benny Chan, CEO of Think Technology Solutions Ltd, said the BYD tour was particularly interesting, providing valuable insights into the operational model of a major corporation. Mariana Kou, Chairperson and CEO, Cinese International Group, said it was exciting to note that a Chinese company was a leader with world-class technology. 

At the end of the programme, Wu Junbin, Vice President, Bauhinia Academy, presented each participant with a certificate of completion. In his speech, Edmond Yew, the Chamber’s Programme Representative, praised the range of topics covered as well as the detailed analysis. Afterwards, members had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the experts, which helped promote mutual understanding.

With China pursuing rapid development, Wu encouraged Hong Kong’s business community to integrate into overall national development more quickly and efficiently to foster the growth of various industries in the long run.


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