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Town Hall Forum with Alice Mak
Town Hall Forum with Alice Mak<br/>議事論壇:麥美娟局長

Town Hall Forum with Alice Mak<br/>議事論壇:麥美娟局長

Secretary of Home and Youth Affairs Alice Mak gave an insightful presentation on the Government’s Youth Development Blueprint at the Chamber’s Town Hall Forum on 22 January.

The Blueprint outlines the overall vision and guiding principles for long-term youth development work for people between the ages of 12 and 39. Mak said the Bureau has outlined over 160 actions and measures across four chapters including Exploration, Hope, Empowerment and Contribution.

One key initiative involves enhancing youth participation in public affairs, which encourages young people to participate in public policy discussions and community-building, while strengthening their sense of responsibility and ownership.

The Bureau has been working to set up platforms to promote youth engagement, such as the new network “Youth Link” established in September 2023, and a mobile app that will be launched later.


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