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Immersed in Practical Experiences
Immersed in Practical Experiences<br/>汲取實務經驗

Immersed in Practical Experiences<br/>汲取實務經驗

Immersed in Practical Experiences<br/>汲取實務經驗

Immersed in Practical Experiences<br/>汲取實務經驗

Immersed in Practical Experiences<br/>汲取實務經驗

The Business-School Partnership Programme 2023/24 is going full steam ahead, with no fewer than three company visits held in December. The events provided the students with valuable insights into various industries, and reflected the commitment of the companies involved, which are fostering strong partnerships with their partner schools.


NWS Holdings Limited

During a company visit and executives talk at NWS Holdings on 5 December, students from Marymount Secondary School and Munsang College had the opportunity to find out about the company’s operations. They also got to engage directly with Co-CEO Gilbert Ho, who gave an introduction to the company and highlighted its contributions to infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and the Mainland. 

Students also learned about the company’s ownership structure and mode of conducting business. The sharing session with professionals from various departments further emphasized the importance of applying theoretical knowledge in a practical setting within an organization.


NEC Hong Kong Limited

With a focus on hot topics such as AI, 5G and Face Recognition Technology, the executive talk at NEC Hong Kong on 6 December gave the students of TWGHs C.Y. Ma Memorial College an excellent platform to discuss cutting-edge technologies. 

Senior Project Manager Alex Chui, along with Marketing Manager Pion Lau and HR Manager Kobe Law, shared their insights into the IT industry, the achievements of NEC in AI, and the latest technologies in Hong Kong and worldwide. The students, whose curriculum includes Information and Communication Technology (ICT), also received guidance on career development in the sector, including job opportunities at NEC and advice on job interviews.


Aon Hong Kong Limited

Around 20 students from Bishop Hall Jubilee School visited Aon Hong Kong on 8 December. Richard Wong, Director of China Global Solutions, and Vi Yeung, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, gave the group a detailed rundown of the insurance industry and the working culture at AON. The executives also shared advice on finding lifelong interests, and emphasized the importance of putting theory into practice in a professional setting.

These informative company visits have provided students in the Business-School Partnership Programme 2023/24 with firsthand knowledge and better understanding of the corporate world and the relevant sectors, from company operations to advancements in technology, while helping them to prepare for future career opportunities.


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