Hong Kong National Security Legislation Corner

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2020/06/02China-enacted national security law must be consistent with Hong Kong legal principles
Local government must make every effort to fulfil responsibility to ensure proposed legislation is in keeping with legal system
2020/06/02National security law: how a “burning” Hong Kong wore out Beijing’s patience
Tensions have long simmered on Hong Kong’s journey of integration with the mainland: the long-running protests triggered by the extradition bill were the last straw
2020/06/02江樂士:中央有權立港國安法 六大原因不應拒外籍法官審案
2020/06/01譚惠珠料港區國安法 不會照搬內地法律
2020/05/31Hong Kong has no one to blame but itself for Beijing’s intervention in national security legislation
Decades of political gridlock, neglect and refusal to compromise forced the central government’s hand.
2020/05/29Hong Kong security law: city’s future is in servicing Chinese firms, says top city economist
Prominent Hong Kong economist Francis Lui Ting-ming says overall impact of security legislation on Hong Kong will be positive and bring stability
2020/05/29The Pulse:Hong Kong National Security Law discussion: Exco non-official member, Ronny Tong & last governor
Hong Kong National Security Law discussion: Exco non-official member, Ronny Tong & last governor Chris Patten.
2020/05/26China is moving in with national security law as Hong Kong legislature ‘has failed to deliver,’ official says
Last week, Beijing introduced a draft national security law that will bypass the legislature in Hong Kong, reigniting concerns over eroding freedoms in the special administrative region and triggering protests over the weekend.
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