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Dive into the world of automation – How to stay competitive with AI, Big Data and Robots

Automation is transforming the logistics industry through the use of robotics and hardware systems. Wong Yiu-Man Wong, Principal Consultant, BPS Logistics Technology, shared how digitization and big data analysis can help companies to optimise productivity while minimising errors. He also introduced the trend of warehouse automation system and elaborated on how companies could increase their operational efficiency through the use of robotic arms, carton shuttles and automated forklifts.


Visit to SmarTone 5G Lab @sky100

The roll-out of 5G technology across Hong Kong last year has brought the city one step closer towards its vision of becoming a world-class smart city.

On 29 September, a group of Chamber members enjoyed a tour of the SmarTone 5G LAB @ sky100, which showcases how 5G technology is currently being applied across fields including retail, transport, health and construction.

The tour included an introduction to a range of current and upcoming initiatives, such as the safety monitoring system for Tai Lam Tunnel and electric buses, which rely on 5G technology, as well as other innovative technologies such as big data, cloud and artificial intelligence. Members also took part in interactive displays and enjoyed panoramic views of the city skyline from the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre.


Creating a Smart City in Hong Kong

As part of a joint initiative by the Chamber, Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Vocational Training Council to support Hong Kong’s efforts to become a smart city, the co-organisors held a webinar on 23 July during which a panel of industry and academic experts spoke on the way forward for Hong Kong in such a journey. The event’s keynote speaker Tony Wong, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer, OGCIO, Innovation and Technology Bureau, shared with participants the various milestones that Hong Kong had achieved since the last blueprint in 2017 and highlighted a number of new initiatives in the latest blueprint, which included the HKeMobility app, open datasets, GBA Youth Employment Scheme and the Smart Government Innovation Lab for industry innovators.

Mr Patrick Lee, Convenor of the Chamber’s Smart City Working Group, Dr Albert Wong, Partner and Consulting Director of PwC Hong Kong, explained the different elements of smart city and their significance while drawing on lessons from overseas. Mr Allen Yeung, Founding Chairman of The Institute of Big Data Governance provided insight on the latest big data trends in the Greater Bay Area, and Dr John Chan, Founder and CEO of Mapxus and Dr Lawrence Poon, General Manager, Smart City Division, Hong Kong Productivity Council, shared examples of technology-based tools such as computational programming and artificial intelligence to create smart and practical applications that ranged from indoor navigation maps, auto-parking vehicles, touchless elevators, to smart street lamps.

This Summit serves to kick off to a similarly named project for the purpose of identifying and resolving district-specific issues by engaging young people in the development of innovative and technology-based solutions.

The Chamber organized a visit to the Hong Kong Productivity Council’s 5G Future Hall on 9 July to learn about the latest 5G technology enabled initiatives.

Exclusive Tour to HKPC 5G Future Hall

On a visit to the Hong Kong Productivity Council’s 5G Future Hall on 9 July, members learnt about some of the latest 5G technology-enabled initiatives, including an Autonomous Delivery Mover (MiniMover), which can deliver goods over short distances while avoiding collisions. They also viewed new innovations ranging from smart robots and cloud gaming to remote-controlled robotic arms. Members then visited HKPC’s Reindustrialization and Smart Manufacturing Hall – Hong Kong's first "Industry 4.0" demonstration centre, which provides visitors with an insight into smart operations and the factory of the future.


Thriving in a Post-Covid Era Through Innovation and Introduction to the Selection Criteria of the 2021-22 HKAI: Innovation and Creativity

At a webinar on 8 July, Austin Bryan, Senior Director, Innovations & Ventures, CLP Holdings Limited, Toa Charm, Associate Professor, CUHK Business School and Founder, Dr. Charm & Co and Fred Ngan, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Bowtie, shared their experience in pursuing corporate innovation to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Speakers spoke on the implications of digitization and their companies’ initiatives in fostering a culture of innovation to anticipate market needs and wow customers. These included avoiding being entrenched in a so-called comfort zone and to adopt a start-up mentality of being lean and hungry.

There was also a briefing on the Innovation and Creativity category of the 2021-22 Hong Kong Awards for Industries as the Chamber Secretariat provided information on the background, selection criteria and past winners to the Awards.



Connected Cities Conference - What to Expect on 27 May

The Connected Cities Conference will take place in Hong Kong on 27 May. Chamber members enjoyed a preview of the event at a HKGCC webinar on 17 May. KPMG China’s Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer & Retail for ASPAC and Head of Technology, Media & Telecoms, Hong Kong, was joined by his colleague Cynthia Chow, Associate Director of the Smart City Group, in setting the scene on what to look forward to at the conference.

The speakers introduced the agenda for the full-day event, which will include a virtual Startup Village and Cocoon Lounge, as well as panel discussions on digital opportunities, innovation development, environmental sustainability and other smart-city related issues.

The Connected Cities Conference is organized by KPMG and is part of InvestHK’s annual StartmeupHK Festival, which will run from 24 to 28 May.


Honing Hong Kong’s Smart City Capabilities

Tony Wong, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer, and Daisy Lo, Principal Assistant Secretary for Innovation & Technology, spoke at a webinar on 1 March where they shared some of the highlights from the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong 2.0 that was unveiled late last year.

Hong Kong’s Smart City plans include a total of 130 new and ongoing initiatives, grouped under six key areas: Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Government and Smart Economy.

The speakers explained how these strategies could enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong, and quality of life for citizens, through a variety of technological initiatives such as the use of mobile applications and establishment of an innovative Smart LAB.

Marcos Chow, IT Advisory Partner and Head of Technology Enablement at KPMG China, also provided a private sector point of view on the updated smart city agenda, and shared his thoughts on how corporates can contribute to the city’s sustainability.

Indoor Map Technology in Hong Kong

Smart Mobility - Completing the Last Mile through Indoor Mapping

Indoor mapping technology can create better visitor experiences and enhance efficiency in operations through a better understanding of user behaviour. It can also facilitate targeted messaging to customers and users, and help to improve building design. Despite the benefits of this technology and a potentially large market, indoor navigation solutions are not so widely available compared to those for outdoors, because of the unique challenges presented by indoor settings, as well as issues such as implementation costs.

At a Chamber webinar on 12 January, Dr John Chan, Co-founder and CEO of Maphive Technology, discussed his company’s experience in overcoming these difficulties to develop a pioneering indoor mapping solution. He said that this technology has been well received in Hong Kong and overseas markets due its effectiveness and cost competitiveness. Chan also discussed the social benefits that indoor mapping brings and how it can support Hong Kong’s quest to become a smart city.

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