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The Blockchain Revolution: Unlocking Opportunities for Businesses

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, blockchain has been making a transformative impact across a range of business sectors, including banking, healthcare, education, and the public sector.

At a webinar on 23 June, Cheney Cheng and Nick Wong, Managing Partners at Altive, introduced the concept underpinning blockchain and how such a technology could revolutionise the future of business. In particular, they cast light on the future trends of blockchain in such areas as regulation and institutional adoption, decentralized finance, and digital payment. 

Speakers also touched on the business opportunities associated with Web3.0, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOs).


Your IP Counts: Unlocking IP-Backed Financing Options for New Economy Companies

Over 100 participants joined the Chamber’s webinar on “Your IP Counts: Unlocking IP-Backed Financing Options for New Economy Companies” on 24 May. A panel of expert speakers explained how IP-backed financing can serve as a funding vehicle for companies at the cutting edge of their sector, as well as the benefits and opportunities that it could bring to Hong Kong businesses.

The speakers introduced the trends and landscape of IP-backed financing in the United States and its prospects in Hong Kong. They also discussed the criteria for securing a deal where IP is used as the loan collateral, key considerations to conducting effective IP valuation and underwriting a loan, how the monetization of IP could mitigate downside risks for financing institutions, as well as how IP-backed financing could facilitate the IP portfolio valuation process for investors.

The speakers were Poh Chua, Senior Managing Director & Head of Asia of Aon IP Solutions at Aon; Alicia Liu, Executive Director, Head of Greater China Loans, Client Financing & Solutions of Nomura International (Hong Kong); Edward Sit, Chief Financial Officer of IPification; and Gordon Yen, Founding Managing Partner of Radiant Tech Ventures.


Fintech Trends 2022: Robo-advisors and the Future of Wealth Tech in Asia

Artificial intelligence powered digital wealth management platforms, also known as robo-advisors, have made major in-roads in the Asia-Pacific region in recent years. In the US alone, these robo-advisors are managing over 1 trillion USD assets.

At a webinar on 28 March, a panel of industry experts - Kelvin Lei, CEO & Co-founder of AQUMON; Gregory Van, CEO of Endowus; Stephanie Leung, Head of StashAway HK & Group Deputy CIO; and Dhruv Arora, CEO & Founder of Syfe – discussed the key features of robo-advisory platforms, the opportunities and challenges associated with such innovative means for managing finances, as well as their impact on the delivery of financial services in the APAC. They also delved into such issues as the trends for adoption of robo-advisors in Hong Kong and Singapore and how the pandemic and the integration of ESG goals into business strategies factors into their development.

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