Submissions and Reports

2022/10/19Consultation Paper on Cyber-dependent Crimes and Jurisdictional Issues
The Chamber welcomes the HKLRC’s proposals to introduce a bespoke law that deals with the proliferation of cyber-dependent crimes given the risks of such illegal acts on Hong Kong’s businesses. The Chamber has also called for a balanced approach in the design of the new law so that other than the objective of protecting public interest, consideration should also be given to upholding business’ legitimate needs.
2022/06/10Discussion Paper on e-HKD from Policy and Design Perspective
The Chamber welcomes the notion of an e-HKD as a digital legal tender given the associated benefits that would go towards consolidating the city’s standing as an international financial centre. The Chamber has also put forward design and implementation recommendations on the development of such a Central Bank Digital Currency.
2022/02/23Consultation Paper on Updating Hong Kong's Copyright Regime
The nature of the consultation, which concerns copyright owners and users, mean that the Chamber was unable to achieve unanimity when responding to some of the Government’s proposals to update Hong Kong’s existing copyright law. As such, the Chamber has called for a balanced approach that takes into account the rights of owners and users, while reflecting views from both perspectives on such proposals as adopting an exhaustive approach on copyright exceptions and introduction of a judicial site-blocking mechanism.
2022/01/03Consultation on the Draft Guidelines on Work near Underground Telecommunications Lines
The Chamber supports the issuance of a set of guidelines to help businesses in the relevant sectors avoid potential damage to underground telecommunications lines. At the same time, such guidance should be practicable and not overly prescriptive. The Chamber has also put forward recommendations on other aspects of the draft guidelines while noting that more time should have been made available for collecting feedback.
2021/03/19Consultation Paper on Real-name Registration Programme for SIM Cards
The Chamber agrees with the Government that there is the need to address the abuse of SIM Cards for criminal purposes, but suggests that consideration should also be given to attendant issues such as data privacy implications and efficacy of a mandatory registration system. In light of the social impact that such regulatory changes may bring, the Chamber recommends that efforts be made to better define the rights and responsibilities of stakeholders, namely, users, operators, and regulators under the proposed programme.
2021/03/16Consultation Paper on Outcome Related Fee Structures for Arbitration
The Chamber agrees with the Law Reform Commission’s proposals to relax the current prohibition of outcome-related fee structures for arbitration to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness as an arbitration centre, but suggests that a phased approach be adopted to the implementation of flexible fee structures. Due consideration should also be given to the protection of the interests of smaller businesses opting for such a means of dispute resolution.
2020/06/05Submission to the Legislative Council Panel on Commerce and Industry on the Development of Innovation and Technology, and Re-industrialisation in Hong Kong
In response to an invitation by the LegCo Panel on Commerce and Industry to submit views on innovation and technology development and re-industrialization policy in Hong Kong, the Chamber has put forward a number of recommendations. These include, among other things, enhancing existing regulations and funding programmes, grooming local and attracting international talent, and creating synergies within the Greater Bay Area through a division of labour approach.
2020/04/29Consultation Paper on Corporate Weighted Voting Rights Beneficiaries
The Chamber welcomes the opportunity to comment on the HKEX’s proposed introduction of corporate WVR structures. Prior to committing our support for this proposal, we recommend that the HKEx provide further elaboration on the necessity for establishing such a regime as well as the effectiveness of investor safeguards raised in the consultation paper.
2019/02/27Review of Telecommunications Regulatory Framework
The Chamber suggests the need for a comprehensive review of the Telecommunications Ordinance to ensure that regulations keep pace with technological advancements and to facilitate the rollout of 5G mobile networks.
2018/05/16Review of Television and Sound Broadcasting Regulatory Regimes
The Chamber welcomes the Government’s decision to launch a review of the Broadcasting Ordinance and Telecommunications Ordinance, although we are surprised that it has taken six years to carry out this review. We would therefore like to resubmit our previous proposals for the Government’s consideration and call on it to expedite the process of updating these two pieces of legislation through a holistic rather than narrow approach.
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