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With rising concerns about carbon emissions, businesses are looking to enhance energy efficiency at their properties or practices, leading to increasing opportunities for energy management solutions. Launched in Hong Kong in 1985, CLPe provides customers with one-stop energy solutions that combine products and value-added services, empowering them to pursue low-carbon business and lifestyle.

To facilitate and support customers’ energy transition initiatives,CLPe offers innovative business models that provide end-to-end management of a customer’s energy assets and services.

“We totally understand concerns about financial resources when looking at capital projects. Under a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) arrangement, we design, fund, build, own and operate the energy systems for a defined period and transfer the ownership to the customer,” explained Managing Director Ringo Ng.

Under the BOOT arrangement, CLPe experts provide technical know-how while clients can focus their resources on business development. For example, the company recently introduced the first “Cooling as a Service” project with Shui On Group. “The new freshwater-cooled system installed at Shui On Centre is expected to reduce electricity consumption by more than 30% compared with the existing seawater-cooled chiller plant – equivalent to a reduction of 370 tonnes of carbon emissions a year,” Ng said.

The company is also partnering with Chinachem Group to build Hong Kong’s first zero-carbon chiller system at Nina Tower. It will reduce electricity consumption by over 50% compared with the existing system, which is equivalent to a reduction of 7,000 tonnes of carbon emissions a year. The project also incorporates zero-carbon elements.

“The electricity consumed by the chiller plants will be matched by an equal amount of Green Electricity Certificates linked to a renewable energy project of CLP Holdings, making it Hong Kong’s first zero-carbon chiller system,” Ng explained.

To further enhance the efficiency of its solutions, CLPe has adopted advanced technologies for its operations, such as the AI management platform PlantPRO, which can collect data from chiller systems and perform real-time adjustments to provide the most energy-efficient air conditioning.

Apart from helping businesses, CLPe also strives to raise public awareness about the importance of saving energy and switching to a low-carbon lifestyle. For example, the company has launched the CP Label – the first of its kind for electrical appliances with energy consumption and selling price as selection criteria in Hong Kong – to help customers choose energy-efficient and cost-effective home appliances.

“It takes into account the annual energy consumption of appliances and adds up the estimated energy expenses over a five-year period and the product selling price to provide a ‘five-year total cost’ estimate. It will be a useful and informative reference for consumers to select products,” Ng said.

Looking ahead, CLPe will continue to empower the sustainable development of Hong Kong and Mainland cities in the Greater Bay Area, with the aim to support the net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 and 2060 respectively.

“For instance, green motoring is a vital part of Hong Kong’s journey to net zero emissions. Our team will accommodate the rising demands with our expertise and experience in EV charging solutions, and continue to explore and provide all-round energy solutions that meet customers’ needs, helping Hong Kong move towards carbon neutrality,” said Ng.

Ng added that CLPe strives to be a trusted partner to deliver energy and infrastructure solutions in Hong Kong and the Mainland. “By joining HKGCC, we can keep close to the business community and expand our network to various business sectors and institutions.”


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