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It’s not a surprise that FC Barcelona has over 486 million of followers on social media. It is, after all, one of the most well-known sports brands in the world. And unlike other famous football clubs, Barça – as it is colloquially known – is not a limited company but owned and governed by its 144,846 members from around the world.

FC Barcelona’s motto “More than a club” is evident in how it nurtures talent at its world famous youth training centre, La Masia. With a 360-degree vision of education, the idea is not only to teach aspiring footballers about the game but also to give them invaluable life skills.

As a major player in the sports technology industry, FC Barcelona has set up the Barça Innovation Hub to promote new scientific research projects, create new products and services, and support future professionals in the industry through digital platforms, master programmes and conferences.

Besides efforts in the fields of education and innovation, the club also uses football as a tool for social transformation around the world. The Barça Foundation, which was launched in 1994 and has a presence in 16 countries, brings positive changes to the lives of vulnerable children.

“Each player donates 0.5% of their salary to the project,” explained Bryan Bachner, Managing Director of APAC and Americas, FC Barcelona. “Through sport and its values, we contribute to make real changes to social inclusion and equity.”

Seeing the potential for sports development in the Asia-Pacific region, FC Barcelona set up an office in Hong Kong in 2013. “We are exceptionally proud of the fact that one of our two global offices calls Hong Kong its home. This year marks the 10th anniversary, and the welcome we have received in Hong Kong makes us want to spend another 10 more years here,” Bachner said. “Our office builds not only business for the club in APAC but also engages our fans with our sport and core values.”

Though there is healthy competition among many Asian cities when it comes to sports development, he believes that Hong Kong has plenty of advantages because of its love for sports, its business-friendly environment, and its positioning as a major gateway to the Mainland.

“The HKSAR Government has been proactively promoting sports development and is reinvigorating Hong Kong’s status as a centre for major international sports events in recent years,” he said.

Meanwhile, the club’s Hong Kong office will be redoubling efforts to ensure that members and supporters will continue to be proud of their sporting successes and community outreach.

“We will also continue to explore innovative ways to tell our story through social media, and to bring our Asian fans closer to our new Spotify Camp Nou (the club’s home since it opened in September 1957),” said Bachner.

Apart from maintaining close ties with its current fans, the club also wants to build relationships with people from different sectors. “We became a member of HKGCC a year ago, and we have scored a goal by joining. It helps us expand business networks and learn more about commercial developments in the region,” he said.


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