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With the widespread popularity of video games continuing to grow, parents have become increasingly concerned about the effects of video games on their children’s development. However, some studies have found that video games may actually facilitate learning by providing interactive forms of education that engage students.

Cicero Group, a video game curriculum developer founded in 2019, aims to provide innovative and effective English writing courses which incorporate the use of video games into academic study.

“Hong Kong’s education policy mainly focuses on standardized examinations, and is result-oriented. Yet, in this fast-changing world, it is also important for young people to be equipped with soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, adaptability and critical thinking, etc.,” said Simon John Engerer, Founder and Director of Cicero Group.

“We are dedicated to providing diverse, rich programmes that are designed to enhance students’ social understanding, as well as to develop their critical thinking and analytical awareness.”

To further inspire students, the company also organizes an annual competition called “From Player to Page” (visit for more details).

“Every great video game comes with an amazing story that can engage and inspire its audience. We hope to bring together video game enthusiasts and budding writers to compose works that are written for video games,” Engerer said.

In the first year of the competition, a finalist said that she was delighted to get the chance to review a simple narrative that had helped her through a very difficult and emotional time in her life.

But she isn’t the only one. With the number of teens using games as a way to meet friends and socialize increasing, being able to share such experiences in the real world is becoming increasingly important. “Experiences like that of Emma remind us of how life-changing video games can be,” he added.

Looking ahead, Cicero Group hopes to bring their courses to schools in Hong Kong. However, in addition to parents, many educators may also have questions about the suitability, applicability and implementation of a video game-inspired curriculum.

“We are currently introducing our English writing courses as extracurricular activities. Working with more educators and administrators, we can show how the connectivity and class engagement made possible through video games can be harnessed to benefit learning in the classroom,” he said.

By utilizing video games, Engerer believes learning can definitely be a more immersive and stimulating experience. “We also hope to introduce our vision and approaches to the community. That’s the main reason why we joined HKGCC, which offers an excellent platform for us to meet various business professionals,” he concluded.


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